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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Xrypt Phones Get Decrypted By The Belgium Police, Which Helps Them Launch Major Interventions Against Organized Crime

The criminal gangs have been involved in plotting murders, drug dealings, and possession of weapons.

The Belgium crime lords were asleep, thinking they were planning the best organized crime through Xrypt, an encrypted phone provider network. However, they were in shock when the Belgium police could crash down on them by decrypting the phones, they used for carrying out their crimes, which involved possessing weapons, plotting murders, and drug dealings. The competence of the Belgium police and the incompetence of the said phone provider network played well protagonists and antagonists respectively in this real case and investigation. 23 people have been arrested in the case in relation to organized crimes and drugs, which have opened the eyes of many in the country.

The Belgium police are currently busy carrying out hundreds of raids after cracking down the Xrypt, the encrypted phone provider network that has been used by these said criminal groups. It was reported that the users had paid high subscription prices for the encrypted devices, which didn’t work in favour of them but in the favour of the police that located and arrested them. Decrypting the notes on the phone gave them access to their names and other vital details of all the distributors and clients and also helped them to closely monitor the Xrypt users, leading them to conduct rapid force raids.

The Belgium police have been conducting a coordinated investigation, much similar to the operation that was carried out last year in 2021, which shut down the Sky ECC network, where the said Canadian company had sold expensive custom phones, and the majority of its users were criminals that used them for their illicit dealings in murders, drugs, etc. This time the Belgium police have done the same with the Xrypt network and caught the suspects who communicated through customized devices for plotting drug deals and murders. They exposed these criminal gangs, who were involved in the smuggling of drugs, and hence were able to arrest 23 of them.

The breakthroughs will now lead to more arrests and further investigations to hunt a huge gang down.

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