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Friday, January 28, 2022

The plumber who found cash hidden in the wall of Joel Osteen’s church is being rewarded

The plumber who discovered cash hidden in Joel Osteen's church's wall is being compensated.

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  • For turning in hundreds of envelopes of cash and cheques he discovered in a wall of televangelist Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, a plumber will receive US$20,000.

A plumber will receive US$20,000 for turning in hundreds of envelopes of cash and checks he discovered in a wall at televangelist Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

According to the Houston Police Department, the discovery is linked to the theft of roughly $600,000 from the mega-church in 2014.

On Tuesday, Crime Stoppers of Houston will award $20,000 to the plumber, who has only been known publicly by his first name, Justin.

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The money was put up as part of a $25,000 reward in the case by Lakewood Church, and after the statute of limitations expired, it was donated to Crime Stoppers.

The case remained unresolved until Justin discovered roughly 500 envelopes last month while repairing a toilet in the church’s public family restroom.

“Lakewood Church donated $20,000 to Crime Stoppers of Houston in 2016 to aid in the investigation of this case and to show their appreciation for the work they do in the community. We appreciate the plumber’s generosity and hope he returns the favor. “On Tuesday, the church issued a statement.

Rania Mankarious, the CEO of Crime Stoppers of Houston, told CNN that the organization does not offer rewards for locating stolen items. Still, the executive committee unanimously agreed that Justin should get the funds from Lakewood Church.

The plumber found cash hidden in Joel Osteen's church
The plumber found cash hidden in Joel Osteen’s church. Image from YourTango

“We’re passing on a present to him since he is the legitimate owner of the gift and a good Samaritan. He made the proper decision. “Mankarious stated his opinion.

On Nov. 10, police were called in to investigate, but the discovery was not made public until last Thursday when Justin relayed the story on radio station 100.3 The Bull.

He called back on Monday and told me more about where he found the covers.

“They didn’t fall out in front of me; instead, they smashed into the wall. Yes, I could hear the noise through the cracks in the wall, “Justin informed the hosts of The Morning Bullpen. “When I shined my flashlight in there, I saw statements, dollar bills, and other strange items.”

In a statement on Friday, the Houston Police Department stated that an undisclosed amount of money, including cash, checks, and money orders, was inventoried, documented, and then left with the church.

The stolen money was insured, and a church spokeswoman stated the situation had been settled with the insurance company.

When Mankarious called Justin to tell him he’d be getting the money, he was very silent, according to Mankarious.

“‘I can’t thank you enough,’ he said. I mean, these are difficult circumstances, and I wanted to do the right thing, which I did, but you know, these are difficult times for everyone, and this money will go a long way,’ “she stated.

Source: CTV News

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