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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Before the Biden summit, China’s communists slam the U.S. democracy

Before the Biden summit, China's communists criticise US democracy

Key takeaways:

  • China’s Communist Party blasted American democracy, criticizing President Joe Biden’s upcoming global democracy summit.

On Saturday, China’s Communist Party slammed American democracy, denouncing a worldwide democracy meeting hosted by President Joe Biden next week and touting the benefits of its own political system.

Officials from the party questioned how a polarised country could teach others after botching its reaction to COVID-19 and warned that attempting to push others to imitate the Western democratic model is “doomed to fail.”

As China rises as a global power, the harsh rhetoric reflects a growing clash of values that have been brought to the forefront.

The subject is whether the US and other major democracies can coexist peacefully with a powerful authoritarian regime whose actions contradict the Western model that triumphed at the end of the Cold War.

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According to Tian Peiyan, deputy head of the Communist Party’s Policy Research Office, the pandemic showed flaws in the American system. He attributed the high COVID-19 death toll in the United States to political squabbles and a divided government at all levels.

“Such democracy does not bring delight to voters, but calamity,” he stated during a press conference announcing the release of a government report on the Communist Party’s version of democracy, which is tightly controlled by the party.

Biden’s two-day virtual “Summit for Democracy,” which begins Thursday and will discuss strengthening democracy, protecting against authoritarianism, corruption, and human rights, has received no invitations from China or Russia.

The presence of Taiwan, a self-governing democracy that China claims should be under its control, has enraged Beijing even more.

Despite a virtual conference between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping last month, ties between the two countries remain tight.

The US president has regularly used disputes with China to frame a broader plea for the US and its allies to show that democracies are a better path to growth for humanity than autocracies.

Since 1949, China has been ruled solely by the Communist Party. It claims that many points of view are represented through consultative bodies and elected village and citizens committees, yet it suppresses and sometimes arrests most public criticism.

The party claims that strong central leadership is required to maintain stability in a vast country riven by discord and war for millennia.

Chinas communists bash US democracy before Biden summit
Chinas communists bash US democracy before Biden summit. Image from MorungExpress

“It will be simple to muck things up, and democracy will function the opposite way in such a huge country with 56 ethnic groups and more than 1.4 billion people if there is no party leadership,… and we support the so-called democracy of the West,” Tian remarked.

As Beijing exerts control over ethnic populations in the distant western areas of Tibet and Xinjiang, China has been blamed for mass incarceration, torture, and other human rights violations.

The party denies the charges and claims to be combating radicalism and separatist activities.

The recent challenges that certain Western democracies have endured have given Communist Party leaders more faith in their system as they attempt to transform China into a worldwide power.

The pandemonium of the insurgency at the US Capitol following the previous presidential election is frequently cited by state media. “Today’s world is experiencing issues of excessive democracy,” according to the report released on Saturday.

Chinese officials routinely accuse the US and others of using democracy as a cover to try to stifle China’s progress, an accusation reiterated by Xu Lin, the party’s vice minister of publicity, at the news conference.

“The United States claims to be a ‘leader of democracy,’ and it organizes and manipulates the so-called Summit for Democracy,” he explained. “In fact, in the name of democracy, it oppresses and impedes countries with diverse social systems and growth patterns.”

Others demanding their form of democracy, according to Xu, is undemocratic because they have a varied track record.

“They have messed up domestic governance, but they point fingers and blame other democracies,” he remarked. “Is this the advertised democracy?”

Source: Global News

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