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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Residents of Whiteshell are starting to clean up after weeks of heavy floods

After weeks of heavy floods, Whiteshell residents are beginning to clean up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Damaged boathouses and missing docks are just a few of the problems Whiteshell residents are facing after flooding caused many to evacuate the community.
  • According to the association, almost all lakeshore cabins were destroyed, which said cleanup reports would be shared on its Facebook page.

Damaged boathouses and vanished docks are just a few of the issues that Whiteshell homeowners are dealing with after flooding forced many to flee the town.

Heather and Roy Howie’s year-round house on Dorothy Lake has been battling flood waters for weeks.

“I don’t like to use the word traumatic,” Heather explained, “but it has been because this has been running on for almost a month.” “The water began to rise in early May,” says the narrator.

The couple was forced to flee after floodwaters closed off access to the area.

The water has started to ebb, and also the province has lifted Highway 307 temporarily to allow the Howies to return home.

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Their backyard, gazebo, and boat launch have all been devastated by the water. Hundreds of sandbags must also be removed.

“The cleanup will take a long time. It’ll be strenuous physical labor, and I believe we’ll take it one day at a time, planning as we go, “Heather stated

The province added in a statement to CTV News Winnipeg that cleanup is also underway.

“There is a tremendous attempt underway with the deployment of inspectors, claims managers, and the entire DFA team to ensure that damage eligibility is confirmed as soon as possible so that construction can begin, non-construction damages can be assessed, and funds can be swiftly [distributed],” according to a portion of the emailed statement.

According to the province, 80 municipal applications and more than 500 private claims for catastrophe financial assistance in 2022 have been made, totaling millions of dollars.

After weeks of heavy floods, Whiteshell residents are beginning to clean up.
After weeks of heavy floods, Whiteshell residents are beginning to clean up. Image from Global News

According to the Whiteshell Cottagers’ Association, many cottagers are left out of pocket for the damages because most insurance does not cover floods, as well as cottages have indeed been left out of the relief monies.

“It’s a real tragedy for people,” said Ian Barager, president of the Whiteshell Cottagers’ Association. “It’s something I’d like to see us address again as the Whiteshell Cottagers’ Association because these phenomena that we’re seeing are happening more,” he added.

According to the group, almost all cabins on the coastlines of lakes were damaged, which said cleanup reports would be posted on its Facebook page.

Permanent residents like the Howies said they’d want to see a better emergency plan put in place if something similar happened again.

“Because we’re not a municipality, we don’t have an emergency plan,” Heather explained, “which I find strange given that this is a river system regulated by numerous falls.”

A new emergency plan, she claimed, would have boots on the ground faster, assisting people like her in flood scenarios.

Source: CTV News

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