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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Over the next week, Manitoba could have 60 mm of rain

Over the next week, Manitoba could see 60 millimetres of rain.

Key Takeaways:

  • A series of weather systems could dump 40 to 60 millimeters of rain on Manitoba over five to seven days.
  • According to the government, severe winds with gusts reaching 80 km/h are expected to hit southern and central Manitoba later Saturday and overnight.
  • Flooding is still occurring in the Interlake, Red River Valley, and other parts of Manitoba, with most of the flooding occurring near rivers, streams, and drains.

Over the next five to seven days, a series of precipitation systems could deliver around 40 and 60 millimeters (mm) of rain to Manitoba, with the possibility of certain places receiving even more.

The Manitoba government issued its latest flood alert on Saturday, stating that the province will update its water level projections to assess the effects of the rain.

The province warns that severe winds will hit southern and central Manitoba later Saturday and overnight, with gusts exceeding 80 km/h. Water levels in flooded portions of the Red River Valley might rise by up to six inches due to these winds.

According to the province, waves might potentially cause water levels to rise, resulting in the dam being overtopped.

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At Emerson, the Red River is about to crest. Peguis First Nation and Fisher River Cree Nation are nearing the crest of the Fisher River.

Flooding continues in the Interlake, Red River Valley, and other portions of Manitoba, with flooding localized near rivers, streams, and drains. Residents are urged to keep an eye on the situation and take all necessary precautions.

As flood levels in the Red River Valley rise, the Manitoba government stated it is in a high state of preparation. Peak water levels on the Red River at Emerson are similar to 2009 levels, with somewhat lower levels from Letellier to the Red River Floodway inlet.

Over the next week, Manitoba could see 60 millimeters of rain.
Over the next week, Manitoba could see 60 millimetres of rain. Image from CBC News

High water levels have disrupted several villages, causing residents to lose road access, flood their homes, and destroy infrastructure.

26 localities have declared local states of emergency thus far, with four municipal emergency operations centers established. Throughout the province, flood warnings and high water advisories are in force.

North and south of Morris, Provincial Trunk Highway 75 is closed. There are detours in place.

The Red River Floodway and Portage Diversion are still working to keep Winnipeg’s flood levels down.

Pumping activities, as well as monitoring and conducting dike closures, have been deployed to several Manitoba municipalities.

Manitobans are reminded to remain off the rivers, according to the province.

Source: Global News

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