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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Morden has proclaimed a local state of emergency

Morden is under a local state of emergency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Several major streets are completely flooded, and citizens are being advised to avoid Deadhorse Creek, which is bursting its banks.
  • Burley said they’re still waiting to see how much rain the area gets before deciding how bad the situation will get.

Because of the continued flooding in the area, Morden has declared a local state of emergency.

Several streets in the city are fully flooded, and officials are advising residents to stay away from Deadhorse Creek, which is overflowing its banks.

Around 50 residences were ordered to evacuate, according to Morden Mayor Brandon Burley.

“Some people didn’t leave immediately away and then called in later to ask for help getting out,” Burley said, adding that the higher the water level rises, the more difficult it is for emergency services to assist with the evacuation.

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He said one town was already isolated since a bridge was damaged last weekend, and now the improvised road is weakening, and there are no certainty crews will be able to get into that area to assist.

People are being given sandbags to protect their homes, and the Southern Emergency Response Committee has set up an Emergency Operations Centre in Morden.

“If you’re in Morden, please respect the barricades that have been placed on the streets — they’re there to prevent entry to a potentially dangerous area,” the committee wrote in a tweet.

Officials, according to Burley, are still waiting to see how much rain the area receives before determining how terrible the situation will become.

Morden is under a local state of emergency.
Morden is under a local state of emergency. Image from KQ Education Group

“The watershed still has a lot of liquid as well as moisture in it.” We’re going to have a serious problem if we get that plus what we’re projected to get in the following 24 to 48 hours.”

He emphasized that property damage has been modest thus far, urging locals to remain vigilant and trust officials and their efforts.

According to the city, the decision to declare a local state of emergency was made to allow for the appropriate procedures to be taken in response to the “major weather event,” according to the city.

People who require sandbags are advised to phone 204-362-3986.

Source: CTV News

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