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Saturday, February 24, 2024

In Winnipeg, tall grass and dandelions are an eyesore

Winnipeg is blighted by tall grass and dandelions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The boulevards in one Winnipeg suburb, Richmond West, are overgrown with tall grass, including dandelions, creating an eyesore, according to one homeowner.
  • According to Coun. Matt Allard, the bigger issue is that parks and green spaces are growing, but the mowing budget isn’t.

According to one Winnipeg resident, the boulevards in her Richmond West neighborhood are overgrown with tall grass, including dandelions, producing an eyesore.

“It’s filthy and extremely long,” Morgan Richardson said. “We live on the park back there, and we can’t even get our back doors open since the grass is so high.”

Richardson and other residents in the area want the grass and weeds cut down.

She said, “It’s out of control, and it’s been weeks.”

Tori Mallo agrees with Richardson’s point of view.

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“It’s crazy,” Mallo added, “because it’s fairly long, longer than I’ve seen it in the last few years.”

The mowing cycle should last between 10 as well as 14 days.

The city of Winnipeg noted that the unusually heavy rain this year has posed issues.

“We’re more than halfway over our first mowing cycle right now. “Until June 20, we will not accept new service requests connected to tall grass on public land through 311,” the city announced.

The greater issue, according to Coun. Matt Allard is that parks and green spaces are expanding, but the mowing budget is not.

“That implies the mowing cycles will increase, and the grass will grow longer,” Allard explained.

On new boulevards and less-traveled green spaces, Allard wants the city to consider growing other species of vegetation that don’t require regular pruning.

Winnipeg is blighted by tall grass and dandelions.
Winnipeg is blighted by tall grass and dandelions. Image from CBC News

“Things like White Dutch Clover and some other plants have a similar appearance to grass but don’t require the same degree of maintenance,” Allard explained.

Mallo stated that the city would have to dig deeper into the idea to see if it is worthwhile.

“Will it be more expensive to put it in than to pay to cut it every week or so?” Mallo remarked.

Richardson prefers what has already been planted.

“I mean, the grass is lovely if it’s kept up; it always looks great,” Richardson added.

Next Monday, a city committee will review Allard’s grass alternative plan.

Source: CTV News

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