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Sunday, October 1, 2023

For Winnipeg, a delayed summer means that annoying bugs are still expected

Winnipeg residents should expect a delayed summer with bothersome bugs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although Winnipeggers are anticipating the coming of good summer weather, unpleasant encounters with regional insects can also come along with pleasant days.
  • Stuart warned Winnipeg homeowners to protect themselves from the flying bloodsuckers and to clear any standing water from their houses.

Although Winnipeg residents are excited about the arrival of nice summer weather, unpleasant interactions with local bugs can also accompany pleasant days.

Although this year’s bizarre weather has caused some delays, entomologist Taz Stuart of Poulin’s Pest Control told Global News that some parts of the city have been under siege by an army of writhing visitors from the trees.

Everything has currently been postponed. According to Stuart, people are beginning to notice those cankerworms since the spring’s mild weather slowed down growth.

Elm spanworms, the black ones with orange heads, are also in great numbers. The easiest way to put it is the huge inchworm.

This year, they’re localized. It appears to be in River Heights and St. James along the rivers. They’re also disgusting; nobody likes them. They are gross.

Despite limited infestations, according to Stuart, the number of harmful forest tent caterpillars also seems modest.

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He added that an even more iconic Winnipeg menace is just around the corner, although worm season is about to end – possibly in the next week.

“Even though we have a lot of water, I still anticipate increasing mosquito activity.

Because of our sluggish spring, he explained, “we didn’t see much in the way of annoyance activity, and it’s still sort of chilly, which makes it difficult for mosquitoes to fly.”

“As soon as the temperature rises into the mid-20s and the 30s, we start to notice more annoyance activity. As of July approaches, we begin to consider those vector issues, including mosquitoes that can transmit disease.”

Stuart advised Winnipeg residents to take personal precautions against the flying bloodsuckers and advised homes to remove any standing water.

Source: Global News

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