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Saturday, December 9, 2023

A community in Manitoba is looking into a possible tornado

In a town in Manitoba, a possible tornado is being examined.

Key Takeaways:

  • Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) are investigating a possible tornado that was reported in Binscarth, Manitoba, on Thursday night.

On Thursday night, a suspected tornado was spotted in Binscarth, Manitoba, and Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) are looking into it.

The weather service stated that there is not enough information to confirm the tornado. However, meteorologists are still looking into the matter and searching for images of the possible tornado or any damage it may have left behind.

This information was released following a severe thunderstorm that swept through Manitoba on Thursday night and into Friday morning. The storm at this time hit several communities with huge hail.

Environment Canada reports that baseball-sized hail damaged siding in some cases and broke windows in Binscarth and Rossburn.

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Hail at Plumas and Clear Lake was the size of a toonie, while hail in Oakburn ranged in size from golf balls to tennis balls.

According to Environment Canada, Waywayseecappo and Sandy Lake both experienced hail the size of a nickel.

The storm delivered hail as well as strong winds that in some places reached over 100 km/h.

Environment Canada’s winds at Pilot Mound hit 104 km/h, but they only reached 91 km/h in Russell and Clearwater. Strong winds as high as 89 km/h were also experienced in Manitou.

Call 1-800-239-0484, email or post a tweet using the hashtag #mbstorm if you have any information regarding the possible tornado in Binscarth or any other severe weather occurrence.


When the ECCC issued a tornado warning for the neighborhood, Darcy Kowalchuk was at his home in Binscarth. Kowalchuk went outside to observe what was happening because weather radar indicated that the storm would track north of Binscarth.

At that moment, he noticed what appeared to be a supercell cloud.

“The enormous cell appeared to halt before turning a small amount and charging straight at us. As time passed, you could see it taking shape, he recalled.

He claimed that when it got closer, the wind quickly changed its direction, and the weather also did.

He said, “We got ready to go to the basement.

In a town in Manitoba, a possible tornado is being examined.
In a town in Manitoba, a possible tornado is being examined. Image from CBC News

Kowalchuk thought the storm would miss them as he saw it from the basement window.

He claimed that golf ball to baseball-sized hail fell for over five minutes before it began to hail.

The hail also destroyed a plastic skylight and a camper window, leaving large holes in the siding on the north side of his house.

That evening’s second storm brought hail, wind, and lightning, which didn’t help matters either.

According to Kowalchuk, this is the region’s second storm in the last five days. Over the years, he recorded them and other people and posted the videos on social media.

I responded, “Well, that’s not right because I’ve videotaped three weather events from my deck. Someone labeled me a storm chaser. It’s not like I’m pursuing them in real life. He chuckled, “They’re after me.

Source: CTV News

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