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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Paul James Malczewski Explains The Importance of Delivering Quality Content in Digital Marketing

Behind every successful digital marketer is a hard-working, solution-oriented, and boundary-pushing individual. Paul James, now in his early 30’s, has been working towards becoming an expert digital marketer since he was 19 years old. The early 2000s, the dot com bubble and the rise of the internet was a time of great opportunities for forward-looking entrepreneurs. Sensing the emergence of something big, Paul dropped out of college and decided to open his digital marketing agency. What did Paul, without a mentor or money, take home in return? Well, here’s the story of how digital marketing expert Paul James founded his digital agency and scaled up to 6 figures.

Become a one-stop-source for clients

 Paul knew that if he had to play the game and eventually lead it, he must become someone who is respected by clients for “making knowledgeable speculations, knowing emerging marketing trends, sharing insights that others would refrain from, and staying consistent in delivering quality content.” With these as cornerstones, Paul started his digital agency and worked his way up. He also started his YouTube channel in 2011, to keep his followers informed about the latest trends in digital marketing and SEO. This pushed his agency into seven figures

Become independent

 Independence for a digital marketer has many advantages – from saving money to learning new work-related skills that can double up as tutorials to gaining the internal knowledge of how “stuff works” and share it more effectively with clients. By 2015 he had “made seven figures online doing SEO and selling software tools.” This streak continued until 2017 when he was felicitated as a digital marketer in the prestigious ’40 under 40’ list of Wisconsin. No small achievement for someone who had limited capital, to begin with, but no shortage of courage and determination.

Delegate prodigiously

 Paul is a one-person army, but he knows the importance of keeping and building a team. To do this, he often uses software like Trello, Upwork, Google drive, OnePass, and more. For example, he uses Trello to “share with his team exactly what he wants so they can do the leg work (read the research, testing, archiving, documenting) for his videos and other projects.” Intelligent delegation helps him manage work more efficiently while ensuring that his team is always active with an inventory of goals to meet every day.

Sharpen your networking skills

Networking is the key to any business success. If you know the nature of your job and its requirements, you will inevitably “get in touch with those who can provide you with what you need. This can either be done at the nth hour or in advance.” Paul illustrates his point with the example of a printing company: “I visit different printing companies in my area, tell them what I do and ask them to share my details with anyone who might require the services I offer.” This helps him secure business leads without paying an extra penny. Smart move indeed.

With inventive ideas and an active foresight, Paul has managed to build, create, and sustain his businesses. It all comes down to “being courageous, well-informed and unafraid to take risks”. 

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