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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Taking over real estate space as a true blue professional and realtor is Dave Panozzo with his firm The Panozzo Team – HomeSmart

Dave’s grit, passion and the ‘never say die attitude’ have helped this realtor thrust forward as a real estate agent and entrepreneur.

It is very surreal to know about all those stories that have in some way or the other gone ahead others and have instilled positive energies and motivation in others to believe in their dreams and attain success in the same. All these individuals are the ones who exhibit great grit, passion and a ‘never say die attitude’ which helps them thrust forward and create their own unique niche in their areas of interest. The world of real estate is one which has only showed great growth, especially from the last few years where investments have doubled and people have come forward even amidst a pandemic to get nearer their home of office dreams. This is when professional real estate agents and entrepreneurs like Dave Panozzo enter the picture, who help individuals live their dreams in real estate. Dave Panozzo and his wife Kim Panozzo created their real estate brokerage firm in the form of The Panozzo Team – HomeSmart that has been taking over the real estate industry with a team filled with passionate professionals, driven by their aim to provide the best real estate brokerage and services to clients in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona areas.

Dave Panozzo is a full-time real estate agent and is also the member of the National, Arizona and Scottsdale Association of Realtors. He originally hails from Gary Indiana and initially rendered services in the US Army and lived in Germany for around three years for his service. The name this real estate business personality has attained today was not a walk in the park for him. He had to struggle very hard to reach where he is today. He dropped out of college and had joined the army. In the beginning, he started his sales career by selling photo sessions to people, walking into grocery stores. One thing led to another and soon he began with selling cars and then flipping homes. This early entry into real estate got hooked him into the space. His wife, Kim, too got her real estate license while Dave worked at a Chevrolet dealership and flipped homes. They faced a hard time when, in 2008, the market crashed.

A year later, he decided to reinvent himself and get back stronger. After many trials and errors, Dave and Kim started their own brand in the form of The Panozzo Team – HomeSmart and today are a growing company that consists of eight people, two support and six sales people including him and his wife. The past year saw great accomplishments for them and they expanded themselves. Dave Panozzo has even got awarded as the ‘Rookie of the year’ in 2017 and 2018 in the top ten teams in Phoenix for HomeSmart.

They are a team of real estate agents who work for their brokerage – HomeSmart, where they cater to all real estate demands of clients spread across areas of Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona. Their company HomeSmart now employs more than 10,000 realtors across the globe and has become the largest real estate brokerage in the Phoenix metro area.

To know more about Dave and Kim, follow them on Instagram @panozzoteam.

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