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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Success stays on for the humble, says Melina Taj

Across the world, people are coping with the novel coronavirus outbreak crisis. Due to the pandemic, hospitals are trying to manage the ever-increasing demands with limited supplies. Citizens grapple with suspending their livelihoods to protect themselves, their family members, and those with a compromised immune system. Thankfully, distress in the surroundings hasn’t stopped people from giving back to those in need and inspiring us all in these difficult times. Be it celebrities, industrialists, or regular people; everyone’s doing their bit amid the pandemic. Many celebrities and those in influential positions are using their power to donate funds, boost everyone’s spirits, and increase awareness. One of them is the Iranian beauty influencer, Shabnam Tajik, popularly known as Melina Taj.

The young influencer, who’s also a renowned fashion designer and makeup creator on Instagram and YouTube, is trying to make a difference amid the pandemic. She is always encouraging her massive fanbase on various social media platforms to donate as much or as little as they can. Being a leading beauty influencer, especially the first one in Iran, she is considered an Instagram star with over 1 million followers. Taj believes that having a virtual family of over a million people comes with its perks. If they all join hands together, they can help those at the receiving end of this pandemic. She’s also of the opinion that it’s a moral responsibility of every public figure to guide, assist, and encourage people to donate for COVID-19 relief. 

Taj added, “It’s time to say we can, we will, and we must help. I’m thankful to those who have extended their helping hands in some way or the other. Your generosity will go a long way! And the rest, let’s continue supporting the fight against COVID-19.”

Her deep emphasis on collective donations stems from her belief that the same contributions – monetary or otherwise – can provide support to those suffering during the pandemic. From essentials, food supply, and medical aid, to supporting those in need, there is a lot to be done.

In many of her social media stories and posts, Taj expresses concern over the devastation caused due to the coronavirus. She believes, her charitable endeavor and philanthropy through her influence and impact can help make a tangible difference. Taj explained, “This pandemic has affected every single individual. We have never witnessed a crisis of this magnitude. That’s why we must stand united and support each other in our time of need.” 

Through her influence, words, actions, and relationship with fans, Taj hopes that her efforts and initiative will increase awareness. On the other hand, through Instagram and YouTube, the young influencer can often be seen spreading smiles and cheers to lighten the stressful times.  

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