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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Motivational speaker Michael Timothy Johnson on achieving success at a young age

Michael Timothy Johnson(MTJ) is a motivational speaker. It was not something he’d set out to do in life, yet it found him and compelled him to go from ground zero to becoming a ground-breaking mentor and coach.  Here’s how things unfolded for the young speaker.

MTJ felt that the need to bring his life under his control. To do so he decided to put his bachelor’s degree to use. “I decided to become a licensed personal banker. It gave me the opportunity to see how money works and learn from those who make money work for them. I learned to invest and grow money. This new-ability gave me the courage to do something on my own. This is when I decided to become an entrepreneur.”

Michael’s decision to become a motivational speaker stemmed from and was strengthened by the way his clients responded to his suggestions, listened to him, and often returned with positive feedback. He says, “If becoming a motivational speaker was in my blood, I would have never figured it out without the response I received from my clients. It was an ability I did not know I possessed till it was brought out and shown to me. In the beginning, I was happy getting more clients, but soon, I was happier knowing that my suggestions and insights are able to make them happy. Their happiness brought me more satisfaction than I’d ever known.”

Michael’s transition is an unusual one. Successful bankers usually seek out motivational speakers rather than become one. Thanks to the pace of their life and the ever-running hamster wheel, many young bankers seek personal guidance and motivation to reduce stress and gain more self-reliance. However, things were different for Michael. He says, “For me, the decision to become a motivational speaker did not come from reading certain kinds of books or meeting certain kinds of people. It came from knowing people and reading them like books. I could see that people yearn for connection with other people but are insecure and uncertain about the whole business. We live in a world of doubt and fear, trusting another is not an easy thing to do. However, when I realized that people were willingly putting their faith in me and what I had to say, I felt the need to take on that role permanently.”

Today, through seminars and online courses MTJ has gathered an enviable fan following who he helps to stay motivated and goal-oriented.

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