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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Focussing on Trading Cards & Business: James Khuri

James Khuri is a successful entrepreneur who has spent his entire life striving to be the best in anything he applied himself to. This became especially true for his business endeavors. As someone who runs multiple businesses, he has stayed very busy. Besides being CEO of Khuri Enterprises, which focuses on real estate, he is also CEO of FJ Holdings. This is a business that focuses on trading cards and accessories.

How FJ Holdings Become a Pioneer and Leader

Khuri knows how to operate successful businesses. He has been at the helm of FJ Holdings for over 15 years. During that time, he has led the company to become a leader of the entire trading cards industry. While also being a pioneer within this niche, the company has learned how to deliver the best possible service to all of its clients, big and small.

The dedicated workforce that makes up FJ Holdings is highly skilled and has been trained to be top-tier when it comes to merchandising. CEO James Khuri believes in having a dispersed workforce in order to deliver the most efficient quality service possible. That has resulted in contractors being located across the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Khuri is continually looking to retain his company’s place at the top of the trading cards industry. Doing so requires next-level performance and service, which is exactly what FJ Holdings delivers. Today, the functions performed by the company’s contractors are unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

Perhaps above all else, there is one critical element that has ensured James Khuri cemented his legacy in the trading cards industry. This is the development and maintenance of strong working relationships with all of the clients that FJ Holdings has. These clients include manufacturers, retailers, and others. In fact, the emphasis on cultivating and nurturing these working relationships gets down to the very individuals who are working on the store level.

Early on, James discovered that in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction, you need to have meaningful relationships with the boots on the ground that make everything tick. By looking at businesses as being the individuals who are a part of the whole, FJ Holdings has managed to gain an edge over all of its competitions. This may seem like something simple, yet it is exceedingly rare in most industries today.

James is continuously looking to become more successful and expand his horizons. The development and maintenance of meaningful and solid working relationships are the secrets to him, making that possible. The future looks bright for FJ Holdings, which now boasts a wide array of clients like Pokemon, Mattel, Topps, and others. Being focused on complete customer satisfaction is sure to continue the stream of success that FJ Holdings has enjoyed for over 15 years.

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