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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Erika Aguilar Bringing Style To Life Insurance

It takes a lot more than everyone sees behind being an entrepreneur. It takes courage to build oneself capable and worthy of the dreams one sees.

Erika grew up in a small town called Wasco, CA. The inspiration behind an entrepreneur has come from her parents. Her parents taught her to work hard and chase dreams. “The most is seeing what I’ve been able to accomplish without any background in running a business, as I’m entering my 5th year as an entrepreneur in the insurance industry, I feel like I’m entering a different league, I’m excited for the growth that’s coming as now I know more than I did before”, Erika remarked.

How Erika took the path of entrepreneurship

After high school, she went to Bakersfield community college, which she ended up dropping out a year and a half later. Simultaneously, she started working at an egg packaging plant, packing eggs. It was heavy labor physically and mentally, and even emotionally for her. As soon as Erika found an opportunity in the insurance industry to build her platform, she started working hard towards it. At present, she is a chairman council and co-owner of the PHP agency. “I run a multimillion-dollar business alongside my husband. I am beyond blessed with the life I’m able to create with my husband working together, building a family business, taking care of our parents, traveling the world to places I only dreamed about while working at the egg packaging plant. The best is yet to come, and I’m excited about the future”, Erika remarked.

Brief about Erika’s work profile

PHP agency helps people by teaching them financial concepts that will help them prepare for the future. The company aims to teach people to protect their assets and their family from financial disaster if an unexpected death or illness were to happen.

Innovation, thinking outside the box is a significant reason behind Erika being different from the rest. She is helping Americans turn into entrepreneurs. “Teaching everyday Americans how to make money, teaching them skill sets, in this industry.

Erika plans for the growth of her agency

“Never forgetting why you got started in the first place and how much it matters to you” is Erika’s secret to success. Erika has worked hard since day one. She has not left any tables unturned to make it to win. “The only way I’ve been doing thus far, working hard, personally developing, expanding my network, and building great relationships with people. Never forget where I came from and having God above all in my life and, of course, my family.”

You can follow Erika’s journey on Instagram at @erika__tco

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