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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Boston Dental Makes it to Massachusetts’ List of Leading Dental Centers

Though the first wave of COVID-19 forced all industries of the world into a lockdown, it has seriously handicapped dental practices. Oral healthcare was put on the back burner as many dental services were brought to a grinding halt amid concerns of infection. Like many, Boston Dental had to be innovative and tenacious to get through the testing and tumultuous year. They passed with excellence and have been recognized as one of Massachusetts’ leading dental centers along the way. Their Medical Director, Dr. Maged el-Malecki weighs in.

Dr. Maged says, “Thankfully, dental services are slowly reopening and patients are returning. However, dental surgeries everywhere have struggled to implement the required safety protocols, but here at Boston Dental we have adopted what we believe to be the most innovative and strident solution there is – technology.”

By using AI-powered sterilizing units, capable of killing 99.99% of all pathogens and superbugs, Boston Dental believes these robots, combined with the use of hospital-grade air filtration systems, specialized saliva suction devices, and the provision of PPE to all staff members, will provide patients with a universally safe and relaxing environment.

Dr. Maged el-Malecki adds, “As a practice, we have always used state-of-the-art technology because preventive dental care is the best dental care. The pandemic has reinforced this. Our safety measures have allowed us to practice our enhanced laser treatments that are tailored for non-invasive and preventive care.”

The driving force behind Boston Dental is someone the patients trust. In 2017 and 2018, ‘Boston Magazine’ recognized him, the ‘Leading Physicians of the World’ honored him as a ‘Doctor of Excellence’, and ‘Marquis Who’s Who’ inducted him into their biographical registry in 2019. It is his pre-eminent standing and wealth of experience that has seen Dr. Maged el-Malecki become a go-to authority for the media when discussing the impact of COVID-19 on dentistry.

Although the global crisis is far from over, the doctor remains confident about the future and explains, “Everything is evolving at the moment, and evolution is a good thing. It is our job to take the lessons we have learned in our respective fields and ensure we future-proof the welfare and health of the human race. I am excited about the potential that teleconsultations, teledentistry, and telehealth will have on the landscape. Armed with the resourcefulness and tenacity that humanity has called on time and time again throughout history, we will beat this virus into submission.”


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