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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Pollster says there are still unanswered questions in Winnipeg’s crowded mayoral contest

A pollster thinks there are still unanswered questions in Winnipeg's crowded mayoral contest.

Key Takeaways:

  • One element in the already crowded mayoral race is that Brian Bowman, the incumbent mayor of Winnipeg, is not running for reelection.

According to a local pollster, the fact that Brian Bowman, the current mayor of Winnipeg, is not running for reelection is a contributing factor in the already crowded mayoral contest.

13 candidates is a fairly high number, according to Curtis Brown of Probe Research, who spoke with Global News.

“The fact that you don’t have an incumbent mayor this time is not surprising… There will be more people who will undoubtedly be interested if it is more open.

He claimed that several contenders have struggled to date to gain momentum with their messaging, but it is still early in the race.

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“It’s busy, and I think it’s a little challenging. It has been a little challenging for the candidates to communicate their platforms thus far, but there is still a bunch of time, he added.

“I believe that as we fall further into the campaign cycle, people will begin to pay a little bit more intently.”

According to recent Probe research, candidate Glen Murray—who previously served as Winnipeg’s mayor over 20 years ago—is the undisputed front-runner, with support from 44% of those surveyed.

According to Brown, Murray will be difficult to beat, but his lead isn’t insurmountable — Judy Wasylycia-Leis achieved comparable results in 2014 before losing to Bowman.

Coun. Kevin Klein just entered the race after a poll indicated that, should he decide to run for mayor of Winnipeg, one-third of respondents would think about casting a vote for him.

Although Klein claimed he had been considering a mayoral candidacy long before the poll’s findings, Brown stated he was surprised by Klein’s announcement’s timing.

He added that we inquired about participants in the race and others who were rumored to be considering it.

A pollster thinks there are still unanswered questions in Winnipeg's crowded mayoral contest.
A pollster thinks there are still unanswered questions in Winnipeg’s crowded mayoral contest. Image from CBC News

Kevin Klein has a respectable base of support; around a third stated they would consider that.

He appears to have a little lower ceiling of support than Glen Murray and a few other contenders, but it’s still early – the election is still 3 months away. A lot can happen and change… and once you enter, you can never be sure.

Brown questioned if Murray could hold onto his supporters and whether any of his rivals, including Councilman Scott Gillingham as well as former MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette, could raise their numbers, which are currently in the mid-teens, to move up the polls.

Brown also expressed interest in whether Klein’s entry into the contest will make it more difficult for Gillingham, a more conservative contender, to build support.

“The question, I believe, will be whether one of them or someone else will experience a slight bump.”

Jenny Motkaluk, the 2018 runner-up, former provincial Liberal leader Rana Bokhari, Shaun Loney, Don Woodstock, Rick Shone, Idris Ademuyiwa Adelakun, Desmond Thomas, Jessica Peebles, and Chris Clacio will all be on the ballot in October along with Murray, Klein, Ouellette, and Gillingham.

Source: Global News

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