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Friday, January 28, 2022

Get vaccinated or leave caucus, Manitoba’s premier says, as criticism builds against MLA

Key takeaways:

  • The vaccination of Tory MLA Ron Schuler against COVID-19 has caused debate among Manitoba’s opposition parties.
  • The NDP and Liberal parties claim that all of their MLAs have been completely immunized.

Whether or not Tory MLA Ron Schuler has been vaccinated against COVID-19 has sparked debate among Manitoba’s opposition parties.

Premier Heather Stefanson attempted to resolve the issue on Wednesday by issuing a request to all MLAs: either get vaccinated by Dec. 15 or face expulsion from her caucus and cabinet.

Stefanson stated, “I’ve been quite clear about where we’re headed with this, and I’ve expressed that to cabinet and caucus.” “It’s all up to them.”

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The vaccine requirement will take effect on the same day that everyone attending the Manitoba Legislature must be fully immunized.

The PC administration has been under increasing pressure to impose a vaccination requirement for elected officials, drawing attention to Schuler, the infrastructure minister, and his refusal to clarify whether or not he has been vaccinated.

The MLA for Springfield-Ritchot has argued that his personal health information should be kept private.

The Progressive Conservative caucus says 34 of its 35 serving MLAs are completely vaccinated but won’t say whether the last elected official’s vaccination status has been disclosed to the party.

Get vaccinated or get out of caucus, Manitoba premier says as criticism  mounts around MLA

Schuler appears to be that person since the other 34 MLAs have confirmed their vaccination status – either publicly or privately to the Winnipeg Free Press.

According to a statement from the premier’s office confirming the vaccine mandate, the list of persons affected by the new restrictions “including the minister of infrastructure,” according to a statement from the premier’s office confirming the vaccine mandate.

The NDP and Liberal parties claim that all of their MLAs have been completely immunized.

Pallister pushed for a vaccination mandate in August.

Opposition parties criticized Stefanson’s announcement as being made too late.

“Coming in December in a year when every Manitoban has been encouraged to get vaccinated isn’t much of an ultimatum,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew.

“What are you doing at this point if you haven’t gotten the vaccine and you’re in the government’s cabinet?”

On this subject, Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont claims that the new premier is months behind former Premier Brian Pallister.

Pallister requested Lamont and Kinew in an Aug. 24 letter, which the Liberals published, to ensure that their House leaders agreed on a policy requiring all MLAs to be vaccinated.

“One of the final things Pallister did [as premier] sent me and the NDP a letter saying, ‘Make sure all your MLAs get vaccinated,’ which wasn’t a problem since they were already,” Lamont added.

Source: CBC News

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