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Friday, January 28, 2022

Canada intends to extend the COVID-19 vaccine mandate to the banking and telecom sectors

Canada aims to expand the mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine

Key takeaways:

  • Ottawa stated Tuesday that COVID-19 guidelines will be implemented soon, requiring banks, telecommunications companies, and all other federally regulated workplaces to comply.

Ottawa announced on Tuesday that it would shortly enforce COVID-19 rules, requiring banks, telecommunications businesses, and all other federally regulated workplaces to verify that their personnel is immunized.

The news was made by Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan two months after the government announced that the public sector and employees working in federally controlled aviation, rail, and marine transportation sectors would be required to obtain their immunizations.

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In a statement, O’Regan said, “Making vaccination mandatory across all federally regulated workplaces would protect employees, their families, and their communities.” The new laws are set to take effect in early 2022.

Initially, the ruling Liberals vowed to assist most federally regulated industries with vaccinations.

They are, however, now taking a harder stance. When the new Omicron version of the coronavirus is spreading, data show that over 15% of Canadians over 12 are not fully vaccinated.

The Toronto-Dominion Bank and the Bank of Montreal have softer rules that allow personnel who missed the October 31 immunization deadline to be tested regularly.

Feds expand vaccine mandate to cover banks, telecoms sectors
Feds expand vaccine mandate to cover banks, telecoms sectors. Image from CTV News

When asked if Ottawa was acting due to dissatisfaction with the number of immunized personnel in the banking and telecoms sectors, Michelle Johnston, O’Regan’s principal spokeswoman, declined to say directly.

“I believe it is safe to state that we are only using the items in our toolbox… We must do all possible, “she stated over the phone.

Many firms, according to O’Regan, have already made immunization mandatory. Approximately 18,500 employers work in federally regulated businesses, employing 955,000 individuals, or roughly 6% of all workers in Canada.

According to federal health data, 86.4 percent of persons aged 12 and over were fully vaccinated as of November 27.

Source: CTV News

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