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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Joshua Fletcher: Anxiety sufferer turned Psychotherapist and Author, introduces himself as he cuts the ribbon on his School of Anxiety

“I’m Joshua Fletcher and I’m a psychotherapist who specialises in anxiety disorders and self-esteem issues. I was previously diagnosed with Panic Disorder, OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I overcame the conditions which lead me to train to be a therapist so I can help others the best that I can. I can also put fancy letters next to my name!”

I’m really passionate about psychoeducation and I hope this comes through in all of my work. I have set up The School of Anxiety to create a central location where all my books, podcasts and talks can be found. There’s an amazing community on my Instagram page (@anxietyjosh) and the stories of courage and inspiration that I’ve heard already have been incredible.

The School of anxiety also features Stop Fearing Fear, a practical course to overcome anxiety and panic disorder, designed to be a cost effective start to taking back control of your life.

The school is designed to be a living, breathing thing, and will be updated regularly with new content.  I’m currently working on adding an encyclopaedic reference point for the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety, which will be there to educate sufferers and demystify anxiety in all its forms.

You can learn more at

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