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Entrepreneur Matt Mahvi: “It is my mission to help empower women through multiple initiatives”

Young women can achieve a lot of success in serious businesses. Our serial investor and entrepreneur, Matt Mahvi, owns this perception when conducting charitable sessions for such women. 

Not every woman can afford to pay for her idea and operations of her businesses. In such cases, there need to be investment fundamentals that take place. It can be related to the start-up incubators, angel investing, whatnot. Simultaneously, young women need to know the next-gen technologies, skills, and ideologies to run small and medium-scale local or national businesses. “Working with and investing in different ideas, funds, and companies has taught a vivid experience to know what makes a business idea successful. And through the charitable causes and sessions across multiple countries, I majorly aim to give young women the power to own their world. Through angel investing, idea generation workshops, brainstorming sessions, and continuous skill training of these young women, my team and I tend to work to better their future. We are constantly spreading awareness through speeches, conferences, meets, and events in multiple states and nations. That helps my associates and I to boost as much as young entrepreneurs in the right direction as possible.” This was the detailed byte by Matt Mahvi, who takes pride in being a business coach to young women from different corners of this world. 

Matt Mahvi shifted to the United States of America when he was two. But his journey from thereon has been a total American dream. He started his business interests back when he was just 12. At 15 years, he became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country. He owned Staminus, a hybrid DDoS mitigation service provider company. Later, Matt has been respected in the cybersecurity field for getting three patents registered. His patents have been on intrusion detection and mitigation. Later, he invested as a serial entrepreneur in multiple ventures like Teli, StackPath, and Abtum. Currently, he is Chairman of the Board for Teli Communications. Otherwise, he is an avid traveler who loves to connect with new people on the road.

Matt Mahvi never backs down from doing something profound for young women leaders and entrepreneurs. He keeps writing well-researched articles, loves to attend business conferences, and host seminars. It shows how he is a leading example of taking charge of the world with your talent for upcoming young women entrepreneurs.

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