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Friday, January 27, 2023

Staff shortages result in the closure of Winnipeg wading pools

Winnipeg wading pools are closing due to a lack of staff.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mike White is unable to access the wading pool area since the gate is closed and the pool in the Margaret Park neighbourhood is completely dry.
  • Wading pools may not be the only thing impacted by the shortages, according to the councillor who chairs the community services committee.

Some wading pools in Winnipeg are dry despite the hot, humid weather.

Mike White cannot enter the wading pool area since the gate is locked and the pool is completely dry in the Margaret Park neighborhood.

Every time we’ve gone down here, it’s been closed. I’ve never seen it open, and there has never been water there, according to White.

He claimed that his 12-year-old has outgrown it and can no longer benefit from it. White questions why it’s closed.

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We pay taxes at a location where funds for our children’s use of this are meant to go.

Six wading pools are currently closed, according to the city’s website.

Due to the epidemic, the city lacks lifeguards for its swimming facilities. According to a statement, wading pools are reportedly affected by similar personnel shortages.

The city reported difficulties in hiring and training wading pool attendants.

According to the councilor who chairs the community services committee, wading pools may not be the only thing affected by the shortages.

According to Sherri Rollins, the recreation department alone saw 40 resignations last week, which may impact the autumn leisure guide season.

Winnipeg wading pools are closing due to a lack of staff.
Winnipeg wading pools are closing due to a lack of staff. Image from Winnipeg Free Press

Rollins stated, “I’m worried about our fundamental levels of offering, especially when we’re seeing this number of resignations.

According to Rollins, at Winnipeg City Hall, a conversation is necessary as some staff members’ hourly pay of $14.50 is insufficient to keep them on staff.

At a city wading pool, “they’re not getting tips,” said Rollins.

White said the attendants should be paid more if it doesn’t hurt his finances.

White stated, “I already pay a lot of taxes for our community, and without these operating, I have no idea where my payments are going right now.

The city stated that because of the staffing difficulty, wading pool hours might also be compromised, and the number of available wading pools may continue to decrease.

Source: CTV News

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