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Saturday, February 24, 2024

RCMP wants to resume surplus vehicle selling

Key takeaways:

  • The RCMP is seeking permission to resume a programme of selling off decommissioned police vehicles and excess auto parts.
  • Lucki proposed a phased-in solution to decreasing the surplus vehicle backlog. 

The RCMP is seeking approval to resume a programme of selling off defunct police vehicles and surplus auto parts, which was put on hold after a gunman used a former RCMP cruiser in one of Canada’s worst mass shootings.

According to the RCMP, it is running out of space to keep surplus vehicles.

The gunman, who was impersonating a police officer, drove a former RCMP car through rural Nova Scotia and killed 22 people before being shot by authorities in April 2020. The former cruiser was bought at a public auction.

In January, then-Public Safety Minister Bill Blair announced a freeze on the sale of excess police cars, citing the need to ensure that “they cannot simply be abused for criminal purposes.”

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ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, dirt motorcycles, engines, trailers, and vehicle parts like consoles and tyres were all included in the ban.

Commissioner Brenda Lucki, as per a briefing note obtained through an access to information request, wanted the department to continue selling “low risk” vehicles and parts “because of the impact suspension of sales is having on operations.”

Every year, roughly 3,600 automobiles and parts are stored at RCMP facilities and third-party vendors across the country while they are stripped and changed, according to Lucki’s briefing note. The military claims that selling off such assets brings in roughly $8 million each year.

In the briefing paper, Lucki wrote, “The RCMP is working with [the government’s auction site] to reduce the impact of the consequent backlog and storage of retired vehicles, which is having an impact on operations.”

“It’s vital to have enough space at either RCMP locations or third-party vendors to keep a steady flow of new vehicles being fitted out, ensuring operational vehicles stay in service, and decommissioning vehicles that have reached the end of their useful lives,” says the RCMP.

RCMP wants to restart surplus vehicle sales after program was halted by gun  massacre

Lucki proposed a phased-in solution to decreasing the surplus vehicle backlog. The RCMP is currently engaged in phase one, which entails renting temporary storage space and crushing decommissioned vehicles that have been involved in accidents or are no longer operational – vehicles with minimal resale values, according to the RCMP.

The second phase would allow the police department to sell off-road vehicles. On-road cars, such as Dodge Caravans and Toyota Camrys, would be sold in phase three.

According to Lucki’s briefing note, Phase Three sales will not contain vehicles that the general public would know as police cars, such as Dodge Chargers or Ford Explorers. To determine how to handle such automobiles, the RCMP is conducting an internal and external review.

“The sale of low-risk RCMP fleet assets would be consistent with current sales from other government departments, supporting environmental and economic concerns,” Lucki said.

The RCMP hasn’t said when or if they’ll move on to phases two and three.

“Phases two and three, which deal with the sale of low-risk automobiles, are still being worked on by the RCMP. We are currently unable to confirm any additional time information “Sgt. Caroline Duval, a spokesman for the RCMP, said

“However, until the recommendations from the internal and external reviews can be implemented, there is no intention to consider any options for the sale of purpose-built policing vehicles or their associated parts, as these vehicles are perceived to pose the greatest risk to the RCMP and public safety.”

Source: CBC News

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