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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Protesters calling for a trash can shut down Point Douglas Street on Monday

Protesters demanding a trash can shut down Point Douglas Street on Monday.

Key Takeaways:

  • Higgins Avenue was blocked down at Anabella Street by a demonstration that was already over.
  • Although the conclusion fell short of the organization’s expectations, Russell said he still sees it as a step in the right direction.

Higgins Avenue near Anabella Street was stopped by a protest that had already ended.

A representative for a group of people who have set up camp in the neighborhood of Point Douglas claimed that they blocked up the street on Monday morning to persuade the city to provide them with a trash can.

According to Robert Russell of Global News, the group has asked the city for a location to dispose of waste and maintain the campsite sanitary, but nothing has been done thus far.

According to Russell, the group prepared to reblock traffic if the city didn’t respond by 3 p.m.

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“It’s not healthy,” he stated, citing the health risk alone and the rodents munching on the trash.

“It’s not our fault that people are driving by, taking pictures, and thinking that we are pigs. We are waiting for the city to erect the trash can to dispose of the garbage.

In a release, the city informed the campsite that they would not be provided a permanent trash dumpster.

As per the city of Winnipeg spokesperson who spoke with Global News, “all parties involved, including community outreach organizations, recognize that a permanent bin is not a viable solution here; encounter has shown us that unlocked bins positioned in a public space attract unintended as well as unwanted users, like those seeking to illegally dump renovation waste.”

Protesters demanding a trash can shut down Point Douglas Street on Monday.
Protesters demanding a trash can shut down Point Douglas Street on Monday. Image from Henry Club

The message continued by saying that regular trash pickup or one of many alternative possibilities would be considered.

Although the outcome is not what the organization had hoped for, Russell said he thinks it is a positive step.

We only want a resolution to the issue, so I’m relieved to hear that they’re open to discussion.

Russell claimed that although the organization had been informed that the city would assist, nothing had happened.

It’s election season right now. We pay taxes. Additionally, we cast our ballots. It’s important to address this social issue.

No one wants us to keep trash around here; it’s awful and an eyesore. Routine pickup would be fantastic, and we would welcome that.

Source: CTV News

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