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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Memorial Provincial Park’s geese deterrence device is ruffling feathers

Memorial Provincial Park's geese deterrence device is causing ruffled feathers.

Key Takeaways:

  • A noisy mechanism installed in Memorial Provincial Park to regulate excessive goose droppings has ruffled some park visitors.
  • This device, which costs less than $1,000, is unique to Memorial Provincial Park, as it is the only one of its kind in the province.
  • The government expects that the device will deter geese from approaching the fountain and park, allowing visitors to enjoy it.

Some park visitors are ruffled by a noise device placed in Memorial Provincial Park to manage excessive geese droppings.

A small gadget near the corner of Memorial Boulevard as well as York Avenue is broadcasting high-pitched beeps that sound like bird calls into the park as part of the province’s effort to control geese.

“Last year, huge numbers of Canada geese congregating in the Memorial Park fountain caused exceptional mechanical challenges, which hampered the fountain’s operation and necessitated more maintenance and cleaning than typical,” a province spokeswoman told CTV News in an email.

On May 6, the province erected this device to prevent geese from congregating in the region. According to the province, this mechanism, which costs less than $1,000, is unique to Memorial Provincial Park, as no other provincial parks have a fountain like it.

Andrew Allary rides his bike to the park almost every day to sit and enjoy the scenery, which has become more complicated in recent years.

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“I was stumped as to what the noise was. I kept moving my head and staring, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, “he stated, “Because I can’t hear very well, I can hear a high-pitched sound that irritates me.”

Others have complained about social media regarding the sound apparatus, which one user described as “screeching.”

The device is only being used for the short term,’ according to the province.

“The sound is now working as a deterrent to the geese and will be kept in place for the time being,” the spokesperson added. “However, the system is being watched and would be reassessed as needed.”

The government hopes that the gadget will keep the geese away from the fountain and park, allowing the people to enjoy it.

Source: CTV News

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