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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Local businesses and emergency services were affected by the Rogers outage

The Rogers outage affected nearby businesses and emergency services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rogers Mobility customers from around the country started experiencing outages as early as 4 a.m. on Friday.
  • The Enhanced 911 Call Center in Brandon serves 192 fire stations and 7 police agencies in Manitoba.

Customers of Rogers Mobility began reporting outages as early as 4 a.m. on Friday, coming from all over the nation.

The outage significantly impacted the Interac payment system, which affected mobile phones, television, and internet services.

James Chambers, general manager of Chez Angela Bakery as well as Café in Brandon, says, “We are so connected with all of the technology and all of the elements from online purchases right through to curbside pickup.” So even if a system component, such as the Interac network, malfunctions, there will always be a noticeable immediate effect before things settle down throughout the day.

The financial line of the company is impacted by having to rely primarily on credit cards during disruptions like this.

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Instead of paying 5 or 10 cents every tap, Chambers explains, “we’re paying 3.5 percent of the transaction.” So, especially in these times, “those things are hard to take for a little firm.”

According to Chambers, he values the community’s compassion and understanding of these kinds of problems.

He claims this is the easier stuff to handle when compared to closures, mandates, shutdowns, and the like. “We’ll get through this one since it’s a little one.”

Additionally, calls placed from Rogers devices to emergency services won’t be answered due to the outage.

The Rogers outage affected nearby businesses and emergency services.
The Rogers outage affected nearby businesses and emergency services. Image from CBC News

In Manitoba, 192 fire stations and seven police organizations are served by Brandon’s Enhanced 911 Call Center. On average, they receive 460 calls daily, with 75% originating from mobile devices.

Robert Stewart, the center’s head of Emergency Communications, states that 40% of those typically come from Rogers. So we’re looking at perhaps 160 or 170 calls, particularly from Rogers, per day.

Rogers tweeted an update late this afternoon stating that they are “proactively crediting all customers and it will share more information soon.” They also stated that “every technical resource, as well as a partner, fully deployed to solve the problem.” They will share an update of “the specific time the Networks will be fully operational.”

Source: CTV News

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