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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Last month, more than half of Manitoba’s doctors were victims of abuse

More than half of Manitoba doctors reported being abused.

Key takeaways:

  • The survey was performed by Doctors Manitoba, which questioned around 4,000 clinicians in Manitoba regarding patient safety and mistreatment.

A recent poll reveals a concerning trend among healthcare professionals in the province, with an increasing number of doctors reporting cases of abuse.

Doctors Manitoba conducted the survey, which interviewed around 4,000 physicians in Manitoba about patient safety and mistreatment.

Although the findings are preliminary, they suggest that more than half of the doctors have experienced verbal abuse, threats, harassment, or physical assault in the previous month.

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According to the doctors, these types of instances are occurring more frequently than they were a year ago.

“Is that correct? People are frustrated, but channeling that anxiety, irritation, and anger onto those attempting to assist you is not acceptable. “Dr. Kristjan Thompson, president of Doctors Manitoba, echoed this sentiment.

Moreover, according to the poll, half of the abuse cases were linked to the pandemic.

According to Doctors Manitoba, the events are more common in rural areas, particularly in the Northern, Interlake, and Southern regions.

“We know that our communities and the patients we serve are also appreciative for the work of nurses, doctors, and also others on the front lines,” a Southern Health representative told CTV News.

More than half of Manitoba physicians experienced abuse last month: Doctors  Manitoba
More than half of Manitoba physicians experienced abuse last month: Doctors Manitoba

“However, we know that everyone is fatigued, and many are frustrated, as communities and families dispute vaccines and public health orders, and as COVID has dragged into a third and now the fourth wave.”

“We’d like to take this occasion to gently remind everyone of the significance of remaining nice and respectful during all healthcare interactions.”

Audrey Gordon addressed the issue at a press conference on Friday morning, the Minister of Health and Seniors Care.

She warned that the abuse of doctors is unacceptable and will not be condoned.

“These threats must be taken seriously. So, if bringing in law enforcement and identifying the perpetrators is necessary, we must do so because this behavior is unacceptable in any form, “Gordon remarked.

Gordon stated that she would speak with the justice minister in the coming days about possible options.

Source: CTV News

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