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Friday, February 23, 2024

In Winnipeg, there is a rising push to keep libraries open 7 days a week

Rising in Winnipeg are requests to keep libraries open seven days a week

Key Takeaways:

  • Some Winnipeg residents are now calling for a return to the long hours since the libraries no longer run seven days a week.
  • After Labor Day, all 20 library branches will be open on Saturday, and six will be open on Sunday as per the winter schedule.

Since Winnipeg’s libraries no longer operate seven days a week, some residents are now advocating for a return to the longer hours.

Ed Alexiuk discovered the value of local amenities for keeping kids entertained when taking his grandchildren swimming at the Bonivital pool on Friday.

Because we are taking kids to various places, he told CTV News suddenly becomes significant to him as a new grandfather.

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Similarly, many Winnipeggers depend on the library for many amenities, including internet access and workspace. They are among the many people requesting that the City of Winnipeg examine the operating hours of city facilities.

“I’m sure it would be beneficial if the city could afford it. Promoting increased use of these resources by those who would not otherwise have access, “According to René Varone, CTV News.

Four of the 22 libraries in the city are open on Saturday under the existing schedule, but none are on Sunday. Eleven libraries have three or more days of weekly closures.

Rising in Winnipeg are requests to keep libraries open seven days a week
Rising in Winnipeg are requests to keep libraries open seven days a week. Image from CBC News

The City of Winnipeg confirmed in a statement to CTV News that “Winnipeg public library branches are now operating on a summer timetable. The summer hours, which are in effect from Victoria Day to Labor Day, are well-established.

After Labor Day, the winter timetable continues with hours on Saturday at all 20 library branches and Sunday at six branches.

People who desire a shift in hours are looking to mayoral candidates to include it in their platforms as a local election approaches.

I would support anyone in positions of authority who encouraged and expanded the opportunity for individuals like us to use these facilities, Alexiuk remarked.

Source: CTV News

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