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Saturday, February 24, 2024

In the spring, more people travelled through Winnipeg’s airport

During the spring, Winnipeg airport activity increased significantly.

Key Takeaways:

  • As per a recent assessment from the Winnipeg Airports Authority, this year will see a significant increase in the number of passengers at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport (WAA).
  • According to the WAA, the airport saw more than 11,000 passengers on June 20, making it the busiest day in the previous 27 months.

A current report from the Winnipeg Airports Authority shows that passenger numbers at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport will soar this year (WAA).

More than 775,000 people passed through Winnipeg’s airport between April and June, according to the WAA’s second-quarter statistics, which is 71% more passengers than there were during the same time in 2019. According to the WAA, the total number of passengers is up 569 percent compared to the second quarter of 2021.

According to Michel Rosset with the WAA, “it shows that we’re on the right route, where we apprehend that there is a pent-up need within the community for people to travel.” By the time it was their last trip, “a lot of them hadn’t traveled in two and a half, almost three years.”

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The WAA reports that 264,550 passengers passed through the airport in May, marking the first month in which more than 250,000 individuals had passed through the terminal since the pandemic began. The WAA said that on June 20, more than 11,000 passengers passed through the airport, making it the busiest day in the previous 27 months.

Rosset stated that although air travel is improving, efforts are still being made to reach pre-pandemic levels.

“We saw roughly 12,300 individuals pass through the airport every day on average before the outbreak,” he claimed. “As per the most recent statistics, there are an average of 9,600, 9700 passengers daily. The numbers are therefore moving in the right direction, but we still need to do more to catch up to those from 2019.

During the spring, Winnipeg airport traffic increased.
During the spring, Winnipeg airport traffic increased. Image from CBC News

Although the Winnipeg Airport Authority (WAA) is in conversation with Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra regarding the current situation, Rosset added that the Winnipeg airport had not been affected by the lengthy lines and delays experienced at other airports, such as Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

To ensure that everyone passing through here has a positive and seamless experience, he added, “I know we’re in communication working with all of our airline partners, concession partners, the security partners, and our airline partners here in Winnipeg.

Additionally, the WAA reports an increase in revenue of 65% from the second quarter of 2021.

Source: CTV News

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