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Saturday, December 9, 2023

In Manitoba, a task force is established to address violent crime in rural areas

Manitoba establishes a task team to combat violent crime in rural communities.

Key Takeaways:

  • To counter violent crime in some rural areas, Manitoba has created a specialised task force.
  • The task force has been in operation for some time, despite the fact that SERT’s creation was only made public on Friday, according to the RCMP.

A specialist task force has been established in Manitoba to address violent crime in some rural towns.

Scott McMurchy, superintendent of the Manitoba RCMP, stated on Friday that the Strategic Enforcement Response Team (SERT), a new project, is intended to target violent crime in particular communities, notably violence perpetrated by repeat offenders and gang members.

The task force will take on these offenders in stages, collecting statistics and entering crucial information about crimes and offenders into the RCMP’s database first. After that, analysts will go over the database, searching for trends in regions where violent crime has increased.

Major crime officers will receive their analysis and use it to gather more information for their investigations and, where necessary, apply for search warrants.

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The operational plans for the enforcement phase’s second phase, which will include emergency response teams, police dog services, air services, and other resources to support local detachments as needed, will be included.

“We believe SERT will have a genuine and immediate impact on community safety by employing an intelligence-led strategy that harnesses the skills of every part of our company,” McMurchy stated.

Although the formation of SERT was first made publically known on Friday, the task force has long been in operation, according to the RCMP.

Manitoba establishes a task team to combat violent crime in rural communities.
Manitoba establishes a task team to combat violent crime in rural communities. Image from Winnipeg Free Press

Due to the recent upsurge in gang, weapon, and violent crime activity in and around the town of Moose Lake, it was involved in several arrests made there in late July.

According to McMurchy, the effort led to numerous arrests of a Moose Lake drug trafficking network and its connections to street gangs active in northern Manitoba.

On Friday, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen stated that “pursuing these gang members and dangerous offenders with targeted resources will assist in addressing the violent criminal activities hurting many Manitoban communities.”

Source: CTV News

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