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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Former Canada Post office tower could be staffed by city staff

Former Canada Post office tower may employ city personnel.

Key Takeaways:

  • City employees might occupy the office building next to the downtown police station.
  • Even though the tenants have not been chosen, it is anticipated that some of the participants will be employees of particular city agencies, according to the RFP.

One day, city workers might be fully occupied by the office building next to the downtown police station.

The former Canada Post tower, as well as a warehouse on Graham Avenue, were sold to the city for $29 million in 2009. The police use the warehouse and a section of the office building as offices.

The construction project for the scandal-plagued police headquarters skyrocketed in cost and is the focus of lawsuits.

Additionally, the city has had trouble leasing the skyscraper. Of the 11 floors, six are currently vacant.

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The 1958-built building, valued at $18 million, must be repaired in several places.

It was unsuccessfully tried to be used again in 2016.

According to Cindy Gilroy, chair of the City Property Committee, there are also security considerations.

Gilroy believes it is a security issue that the Winnipeg Police Service wants to be sure they know who the tenants are on the property.

To reoccupy the tower, the city has now issued a Request for Proposals for a $120,000 feasibility study. The successful bidder would describe the building’s state, the repairs required to bring it up to code, and the associated costs.

Former Canada Post office tower may employ city personnel.
Former Canada Post office tower may employ city personnel. Image from CBC News

The RFP indicates that because the tower has been primarily empty for a while, it is essential to ascertain the scope of corrective work needed before occupancy and any new tenant.

The RFP further states that although the tenants have not been decided, it is anticipated that some participants would be staff from particular city agencies.

The city claims that this idea is in line with a consultant report from April that suggested the city consider integrating municipal properties by putting employees into the tower as downtown struggles with many people still working full or part-time from home.

Since there are issues in our downtown, Gilroy added, “I don’t want to see space there. This is an opportunity for us to, you know, get our personnel there.”

The tower should be filled for financial reasons as well. The city claims that operating expenses for the skyscraper will be $670,000 more than income in 2021. The value of the space currently occupied by police and municipal accommodations workers are not included in that c, as per the statement.

Source: CTV News

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