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Saturday, December 9, 2023

City officials say it is not feasible to have a permanent trash bin at the Winnipeg camp

The city believes a permanent garbage can at the Winnipeg encampment is 'unfeasible.'

Key Takeaways:

  • An advocate for Winnipeg’s homeless community asserts to understand the discomfort experienced by those who on Monday blocked traffic to voice their displeasure over the lack of a trash can for their camp.

A supporter of Winnipeg’s homeless population claims to comprehend the annoyance felt by people who on Monday halted traffic to protest the absence of a trash can for their camp.

Al Wiebe stated on Connecting Winnipeg on 680 CJOB that he pleads with city authorities to change their minds and pay attention to the affected people.

According to a city official, a permanent trash can is not a workable solution because there are worries that it would worsen the situation.

According to the spokesman, “unlocked dumpsters placed in a public space attract unanticipated and unwelcome users, like those looking to unlawfully dump remodeling rubbish.”

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“We will keep working with our neighborhood partners to find a solution for the location, which might include routine waste pick-up or one of many other solutions,” the statement reads.

Wiebe disagreed with that reasoning and said that individuals who live in tents should have access to trash cans because they have long required them.

Since the beginning of COVID, there has been a problem, according to Wiebe.

Remember, homeless people were eating all their meals outside, whether it was a plus or a minus, and there was trash all over the place since there weren’t enough trash cans.

Wiebe said that blocking traffic with rubbish may not have been the best course of action, but he can understand why some individuals could become impatient when they receive no response to repeated requests.

The city believes a permanent garbage can at the Winnipeg encampment is 'unfeasible.'
The city believes a permanent garbage can at the Winnipeg encampment is ‘unfeasible.’ Image from CBC News

“How can you attract attention when no one is looking at you? Of course, this will only reinforce the public’s perception that rubbish is located amid Higgins.

Residents of the camp want their area to be clean and sanitary, and Robert Russell, speaking on their behalf, told Global News on Monday that the unattractive mess is not representative of how they want to live.

“We are not swine. We are similar to everyone else. Russell remarked that we might be in tents or be destitute, but we are not here to be pigs.

“It’s not our fault if people are driving past, taking pictures, and thinking that we are pigs. We are waiting for the city to erect the trash can to dispose of the garbage.

The city said that discussions to find a long-term solution are still ongoing.

Source: CTV News

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