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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Winnipeg’s Santa Claus Parade will go as planned, with a pandemic twist

Key takeaways:

  • After a two-year hiatus, Santa Claus returned to Winnipeg’s streets for a new kind of Santa Claus Parade.
  • The father typically attends the parade every year but owing to the outbreak, and he was unable to do so last year.

The man in red has returned! On Saturday, Santa Claus returned to Winnipeg’s streets after a two-year sabbatical for a different kind of Santa Claus Parade.

Instead of waiting in the crowd for Santa to parade by, children and their families pre-registered to walk past him as he sat on his famous float behind Shaw Park.

Santa told CBC News, “I’m simply thrilled to be back.”

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“The elves have been working hard! They’ve been manufacturing a lot of toys for all the kids up at the North Pole, and we’ve been socializing.”

All eligible youngsters and adults had to be completely vaccinated against COVID-19 for this year’s march, and children who couldn’t be had had to be led by a parent who was. Everyone had to wear a mask, too.

At the sold-out event, Gil Cyr was able to bring his son to visit Santa.

The father usually attends the parade every year, but he was unable to do so last year due to the epidemic. Santa advised the kids to stay ho-ho-home, so the parade was virtual.

Winnipeg's Santa Claus Parade will go on as planned

“It’s good to be out with everyone, especially the kids, and see everyone smiling. It’s a great deal of fun, “he stated.

Evelyn and Grace Perry, Laura Perry’s daughters, were also present.

“We wanted to see what Christmas is like… and see friends and relatives,” Evelyn explained.

Grace, on the other hand, did not have the best of times. Her candy cane shattered and landed on the ground.

Laura claimed she didn’t mind the parade’s public health limitations.

“There aren’t several things to do these days, so it’s a wonderful chance to get outside, get some fresh air, and see Santa.”

The last two years have been tough, but Santa has a message for all of Manitoba’s children.

“Please keep everyone safe, and don’t forget to leave some milk, cookies, and carrots for the reindeer,” he urged.

Source: CBC News

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