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Thursday, August 11, 2022

The new laws that will take effect on July 1st for pet owners in Winnipeg

These are the new guidelines that Winnipeg pet owners must follow beginning July 1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Winnipeg is putting in place new pet ownership restrictions that will affect everything from dog and cat breeders to dog daycares, including wildlife feeding in the city.
  • It is also unlawful to leave dogs chained or sheltered outside for lengthy periods, and dogs should be supervised while outside.
  • The regulations also require that canines are evaluated, staff be trained, and that the facility fulfils basic sanitation and safety requirements.

The city of Winnipeg is enacting new pet ownership regulations that encompass everything from the dog as well as cat breeders to dog daycares and wildlife feeding in the city.

The city council modified the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw with new requirements on July 1. It modifies the guidelines for pet owners and pet-related companies.

Some of the new rules are listed below.


The bylaw stipulates that pets may not be left unattended in automobiles when the temperature is 22 degrees Celsius or higher, minus 10 ° C or below. According to the city, it does not apply to vehicles that are running and have operational air conditioning or heating systems.

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To avoid heat fatigue and burnt paw pads, the bylaw also prohibits cycling with your dog in temps of 22 degrees Celsius or above.

Chaining or sheltering dogs outside for long periods of time is also illegal, and dogs must be supervised while they are outside.

The city said in a statement that “this helps minimize the impact of dogs on neighborhoods, prevents harmful behavioral changes, as well as protects them from access to fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other dangers.”


The new bylaw also governs wildlife feeding in the city.

“Feeding wildlife is now illegal (save for birds) to minimize urban wildlife overpopulation and reduce human confrontation,” the city declared.

Outside, the use of body hold or adhesive traps is prohibited, as they might cause injury or death to animals, according to the bylaw.

These are the new guidelines that Winnipeg pet owners must follow beginning July 1.
These are the new guidelines that Winnipeg pet owners must follow beginning July 1. Image from Winnipeg Free Press

Rodenticides are not allowed to be used outside unless they are applied by licensed pest control firms or government authorities.

Live release traps can still be used, but they must be examined at least once a day, and captured animals must still be released or euthanized humanely.


The city has also imposed new regulations on previously unregulated dog daycares.

The city stated that “separate play areas for small and large dogs must be used, with at least 20 sq. ft. per dog in smaller dog areas and 35 sq. ft. per dog in large dog areas.” “For every 25 little dogs, there must be one staff member, and for every 20 large dogs, there must be one staff member.”

The laws also stipulate that dogs must be assessed and personnel must be trained, as well as that facility must meet basic cleaning and safety standards.


Breeders must now get a city breeding permit, including active veterinarian treatment, a history of good pet ownership, and an initial examination of the breeding premises.

Each female dog or cat is only allowed to have one litter per year and four litters in her lifetime.

Source: CTV News

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