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Sunday, December 5, 2021

The latest provincial health order has caught pharmacists off guard in Manitoba

Key sentence:

  • On Friday, Dr Brent Roussin said that people aged 12 to 17 must show proof of at least one immunisation.
  • According to Pharmacists Manitoba, it is unclear whether pharmacists will be required to provide rapid care. Tests for COVID-19.

Before health officials’ statement Friday, Pharmacists Manitoba says it was unclear that pharmacists will be needed to offer fast COVID-19 tests for youth next month.

Furthermore, according to the organisation, pharmacists are not currently allowed to do so.

“At present, pharmacists in Manitoba can only conduct and interpret tests for travel purposes,” says Ashley Hart, president of Pharmacists Manitoba.

“As a result, some revisions to the ministerial order are required to enable us to do so, to broaden it to cover the new age group and purpose.”

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Dr Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s senior provincial public health officer, said on Friday that people aged 12 to 17 must show proof of at least one immunisation or a recent negative test to participate in indoor recreational sports.

The order will take effect on Dec. 6 across the province.

The testing, according to Roussin, will have to be done at participating pharmacies and not at free provincial test centres.

Global Winnipeg on Twitter: "“At this point, pharmacists in Manitoba are  only able to administer and interpret tests for travel purposes."" / Twitter

“Unfortunately, we were not consulted before the news release, but we’ve been in communication with Manitoba Health and government since then,” Hart says.

“We recognise that we have some time until this goes into effect, and we anticipate that the necessary revisions will be completed in time.”

The Manitoba government has yet to answer inquiries from Global News about when pharmacists would be given legal permission to perform and interpret the tests or why they weren’t consulted before Friday’s announcement.

Hart says she’s not sure how many pharmacies have the necessary equipment to perform the fast antigen testing, but she believes that more will be added to the list as demand develops.

She says that administering the test and receiving the results usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

“Once we see that we have some time before it takes effect,” Hart says, “we’re pleased to give the service.”

“We just urge the government to consult us on similar issues in the future as well, so that the public is not confused.”

Source: Global News

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