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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Snow clearing activities begin, but services are getting affected in Winnipeg due to constant snowfall

Key sentence:

  • A large-scale snow-clearing operation involving more than 300 units of equipment begins.
  • The average time it takes to clear P1 and P2 streets after a snowstorm are roughly 36 hours. 

After Winnipeg’s roads & sidewalks were covered by the first big storm of the season, a large city-wide snow-clearing effort involving more than 300 pieces of equipment gets underway.

“I’ve seen snowfall of up to 15 to 20 cm, with drifts nearly double that. So there’s a lot of snow in such a short amount of time, “At a news conference on Friday, Mayor Brian Bowman stated.

Workers are clearing streets, back lanes, sidewalks, and also active transportation paths according to a priority scheme, beginning with Priority 1 (regional streets and key routes) and ending with Priority 2 (back lanes, sidewalks, including active transportation tracks) (bus routes and collector streets).

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According to Michael Cantor, the city’s manager of streets maintenance, much of the work started Thursday night and is still going on, with work on back lanes starting Friday morning.

The average time it takes to clear P1 and P2 streets after a snowstorm are roughly 36 hours. Nevertheless, this is still the goal, according to Cantor.

“Hopefully, the streets will look considerably better tomorrow morning,” he remarked.

He added there is no present strategy in place for residential streets.

“We’re currently assessing the situation. We haven’t made a decision yet, “he stated. “There is currently no residential parking prohibition in effect. So we’re only ploughing trouble locations on residential streets right now.”

Services are impacted as Winnipeg digs out.

Cantor said the public would be alerted if the city decides to use the ploughs on residential streets.

He declined to speculate on the projected cost of the operation, claiming that it had just begun.

Bowman added: “I can promise you that when the snow begins to fall, our finance chair’s lip begins to tremble because snow is expensive. But, not only from a logistical standpoint but also monetarily, we’ll dig our way out of this.”

An online map of Winnipeg’s snow-clearing status is available.

Source: CBC News

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