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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Seven deaths have been reported in Manitoba in the previous 3 days due to Covid-19

Key takeaways:

  • A guy in his 80s was one of the seven persons who died at Third Crossing Manor due to the outbreak.
  • There are currently 89 patients in intensive care units in the province, with 24 of them being COVID-19 patients. 

In a news bulletin on Monday, the province noted that more than half of the deaths associated with COVID-19 in Manitoba in the last three days — including a lady in her 40s — occurred in the Southern Health district.

In the province, 459 additional COVID-19 instances were reported over three days: 164 on Saturday, 159 on Sunday, and 136 on Monday.

A man in his 80s was among the seven people who died due to the epidemic at Third Crossing Manor, which was reported on Saturday.

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A lady in her 40s from the Southern Health Region, a lady in her 70s from the Interlake-Eastern Health Region, a lady in her 60s from the Winnipeg Health Region, and also a guy in his 50s from Winnipeg were all connected to the outbreak at the GD4 unit at Health Sciences Centre on Sunday. All of them have been connected to an unnamed coronavirus strain, except the woman in her forties.

On Monday, a man and a lady in their eighties were found dead in the Southern Health District. An unreported variation caused the individual’s death.

According to the letter sent to the family on Sunday, two residents have died at Amber Meadow, a retirement facility in Winnipeg. They’re tied to a recent outbreak that was announced.

According to the letter, a total of 26 residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

“We’re thankful for our community’s high immunization rate, which we believe is keeping the epidemic to a bare minimum,” said Cam Johnson, regional vice-president of Atria Retirement, which owns Amber Meadow.

It’s unclear whether the deaths or illnesses are represented in the province’s figures issued on Monday.

Seven people have died in Manitoba in the previous three days

Just over half of the cases disclosed Monday were in people who hadn’t been completely vaccinated:

  • Southern Health has 33 of 45 new cases.
  • In the Winnipeg Health Region, 12 of 30 new cases have been reported.
  • In the Northern Health Region, there have been five new cases out of a total of thirty.
  • Prairie Mountain Health has 12 new cases out of a total of 20.
  • Interlake-Eastern has nine of the eleven new cases.

The rate of positive tests in the province increased from 5.2 percent on Friday to 5.7 percent on Monday. The rate in Winnipeg is 2.9 percent.

On Sunday, 2,549 exams were completed.

COVID-19 has 152 Manitobans in hospitals, down two from Friday.

There are currently 89 patients in intensive care units in the province, with 24 of them being COVID-19 patients. Manitoba’s pre-pandemic baseline capacity for intensive care units was 72 beds.

A total of 107 COVID-19 patients at the hospital have current infections, with 56 of them have never received a single dose of the vaccine, six having been partially vaccinated, and 45 having been fully vaccinated.

14 of the 18 persons in the ICU who currently have active COVID-19 infections (six of the 24 people in the ICU no longer have active COVID-19 infections) had not received a single vaccine, while four had received all four doses.

Source: CDC News

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