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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Residents in Selkirk are worried after a huge fuel leak at a nearby petrol station

After a massive fuel leak at a local gas station, residents in Selkirk are worried.

Key Takeaways:

  • People in Selkirk, Manitoba, are worried after a large fuel spill in their neighbourhood.
  • Paluck, who has lived in the area for more than 50 years, claimed she has never heard of anything unusual going on in the area.

People in Selkirk, Manitoba, are concerned after a massive fuel spill occurred in their area.

According to Peguis Development Corporation project manager Toby Laviolette, a Manitoba Avenue gas station called Selkirk One Stop is aggressively cleaning up an estimated 50,000 liters of fuel that spilled last week.

Residents in the area, such as Linda Paluck, claim no one informed them of the occurrence.

“I just wish I’d been told what’s going on over there, whether I ought to be concerned or not,” she said.

Paluck, who has lived in the region for over 50 years, said she had never heard of anything happening in the neighborhood.

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“I believe trucks have been over there for two weeks now, pumping something, but I have no idea what,” Paluck added. “Having a heads up would have been good.”

Amanda France, a neighbor down the street, expressed this sentiment.

“We have children here, and I don’t want anyone to get wounded.”

The gas station’s owner, Peguis Development Corporation, initially noticed a strange odour on March 28.

On Tuesday, the city of Selkirk’s fire, as well as public works departments, investigated the odour, according to Laviolette.

Staff discovered that the city’s utilities were working properly and that there was no gasoline in the sewer system at the time, according to a municipal spokesperson, who added that officials directed PDC to look into the situation further.

A leak was discovered later in the day, according to Laviolette.

“They discovered this leak once they entered the system to conduct the pressure test,” he explained. “Since then, we’ve been cleaning up.”

According to the province, Manitoba Conservation was alerted by PDC on March 31.

In an email Friday, a provincial official claimed that 30,000 gallons of petroleum had been retrieved as of last Friday, with no fuel detected off-site, on the surface, or outside the tank nest.

On the other hand, the city of Selkirk claims it was not informed of the official leak.

After a massive fuel leak at a local gas station, residents in Selkirk are worried.
After a massive fuel leak at a local gas station, residents in Selkirk are worried. Image from Global News

A municipal representative added, “City staff followed up with Pegius over the phone to see if there was anything to be worried about.”

It was still waiting for an answer from PDC as of Friday morning, much like neighbors living near the site.

“We’d like to know something the next time anything happens.” “If someone comes to the door, please inform the neighbors,” France advised.

Although the incident’s environmental impact is unknown, PDC claims that the cleanup is nearly complete.

“We’ll do some core testing to assess the scope of the leak once the primary leak has been repaired… once the wells are dry again,” Laviolette added.

PDC said experts were examining the problem and undertaking testing to ascertain the source and size of the breach in an announcement issued late Friday afternoon.

“Based on our early analyses, the gas station was newly built, and there appears to have been some problems in the original design,” PDC added. “We’ve informed our insurance company.” We’ve also informed the contractor of the possibility of a claim.

“In the meantime, we’re focused on repairing the gasoline leak and getting service back to our consumers as soon as possible.”

Source: Global News

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