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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Rally at Manitoba call Canada to action as bloodshed in Ethiopia continues

Key takeaways:

  • Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the grounds of Manitoba’s legislature, waving Ethiopian flags and holding “No More” banners.
  • The No More march in Winnipeg was one of several similar demonstrations held throughout the country on Sunday.

On Sunday, hundreds of protesters gathered on Manitoba’s parliamentary grounds, carrying Ethiopian flags and “No More” banners.

They gathered to raise awareness of Ethiopia’s heinous conflict and urge the Canadian government to do more to assist Ethiopia’s government in its fight against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which they allege is a terrorist organization.

The No More march in Winnipeg was one of several similar demonstrations held throughout the country on Sunday.

Millions are caught in the crossfire as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government tries to keep the liberation front from encroaching on the capital.

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Unduche estimates that over two million people have been uprooted, and thousands have been killed.

The federal government encouraged any Canadians in Ethiopia to leave immediately on Saturday, citing Canada’s limited ability to provide consular support in some nation areas.

Although Ethiopia’s conflict has only recently attracted attention, the TPLF was created in the 1970s and dominated the country for many years until 2018.

Markos Tegegn, another organizer, said the group had been accused of numerous human rights violations.

“We’ve been fighting for many years, and the TPLF has been killing, murdering, torturing, rapping, and robbing from Ethiopians for the past 27 years. We have our independence; we have democracy after many hardships and battles, “he stated.

“What we hear is pretty horrible… It’s absolute damage wherever they [go],” said Alex Gizaw, who represents the nonprofit Ethio-Dejen in Manitoba, which helps Ethiopian internally displaced people.

Hundreds rally at Manitoba legislature, call Canada to action as bloodshed  continues in Ethiopia

Meanwhile, organizers claim that western countries like the United States are interfering in the region by siding with the TPLF and causing more problems than they are solving.

“What is happening on the front lines, what is happening to our people, is not properly and accurately reported. That is what we are aware of, “Tegegn explained.

“Any disruption produced by disinformation has a big negative impact on the region. We’re pleading with Western countries, particularly the United States, to take Ethiopia off their hands and let it address its problems. “Unduche was thrown to the mix.

Discrimination against Tigrayans and Oromo is rampant.

Some Ethiopians living in Manitoba from the Tigray and Oromo regions of the country, on the other hand, claim that the Ethiopian government discriminates against their ethnic groups and violates human rights.

According to independent organizations like Amnesty International, human rights crimes have been reported on both sides of the conflict.

Because of a communication ban, some refugees in Winnipeg have not contacted the family in combat zones for months.

They have no idea if their loved ones are still alive.

A day after an emergency was imposed, Prime Minister Ahmed asked the people of the capital Addis Ababa to take up arms against the insurgents.

People in the Tigray and Oromo regions are pleading with Canada to preserve their safety and ensure that humanitarian aid may enter the region.

Source: CBC News

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