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Saturday, February 24, 2024

On Tuesday, Manitoba reported four more deaths and 129 cases of COVID-19

Key takeaways:

  • According to Manitoba’s web dashboard, 129 new instances of COVID-19 have been reported, with four more deaths.
  • According to the province’s school-age dashboard, there are 142 additional COVID-19 cases related to schools.

According to Manitoba’s online dashboard, there have been 129 new cases of COVID-19 and four more deaths.

Two deaths occurred in the Southern Health region, one in the Prairie Mountain region and one in the Interlake-Eastern region.

The Winnipeg area, which has 42 new cases, has the largest number of new cases. In addition, the Southern Health Region has 35, the Northern Health Region has 34, the Prairie Mountain Health Region has 17, and the Interlake-Eastern Health Region has one.

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The virus has already claimed the lives of 1,296 people, with 269 of them connected to more contagious coronavirus strains. There are 1,523 active COVID-19 cases and 64,133 patients who have recovered.

The rate of positive tests in the province increased from 5.7% on Monday to 5.9% on Tuesday. When the statistics were last updated on Monday, the rate in Winnipeg was 2.9 percent.

On Monday, 1,729 COVID-19 tests were performed, according to the dashboard.

COVID-19 has infected 154 Manitobans, an increase of two from Monday.

There are now 99 patients in intensive care units; 25 of them are COVID-19 patients. Manitoba’s pre-pandemic baseline capacity for intensive care units was 72 beds.

A total of 107 of the 154 COVID-19 patients in the hospital have active infections, with 55 of them have never received a single dose of the vaccine, five having been partially vaccinated, and 47 having been fully vaccinated.

15 of the 19 persons in the ICU who currently have active COVID-19 infections (six of the 25 people in the ICU no longer have active COVID-19 infections) had not received a single vaccine, while four had received all four doses.

Manitoba reports 129 new COVID-19 cases, 4 deaths

School instances jump in a variety of ways.

Since the variation dashboard was last updated on Friday, 345 more COVID-19 cases have been connected to highly contagious coronavirus variants.

All of them, with the difference of one, is linked to unspecified variants. One new case has been attributed to the delta variant, which is also known as B.1.617.2.

As of Tuesday, 585 cases of varying degrees of concern were active.

According to the province’s school-age dashboard, there are 142 additional COVID-19 cases related to schools.

Since school began in September, there have been 1,346 COVID-19 cases, up from 1,204 when the dashboard was last renewed on Friday.

There are 1,150 cases among students and 196 cases among employees.

There are 326 schools with one or more cases of COVID-19, and eight schools’ cohorts are currently participating in remote learning.

Source: CBC News

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