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Monday, November 29, 2021

Manitoba had seen ‘widespread transmission,’ as 162 new COVID-19 cases reported

Key takeaways:

  • The number of daily Covid-19 cases in Manitoba continues to rise.
  • As per the provincial vaccine dashboard, 87.2 per cent of eligible Manitobans had taken at least one coronavirus vaccine dose.

Manitoba’s COVID-19 numbers are still way too high, but the province’s top doctor says it’s not attributable to any specific outbreaks that can be targeted.

At a Wednesday news conference, Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr Brent Roussin told reporters that “we’re just seeing extensive transmission, including in many of the regions,” as 162 new cases and two fatalities from COVID-19 were recorded on the provincial data dashboard.

“When you see high levels of transmission in the community or when you see high levels of transmission anyplace, it’ll be everywhere soon.”

Even though most unvaccinated persons are already restricted in where they can go, Roussin said he isn’t ruling out more limitations for Manitobans. In addition, new rules for indoor sports including teenagers aged 12 to 17 are slated to go into force on Dec. 6.

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The seven-day average of new daily cases in Manitoba is now 146, up from 92 a month ago.

“We always have to consider doing more,” Roussin said if case numbers continue to rise and put pressure on the healthcare system. “How that will look is going to be highly dependent on the specifics.”

He went on to say that it’s difficult to say whether any new gathering restrictions will be introduced during the holiday season at this time.

“What we do know is that the trajectory is now not in the correct direction.”

Manitoba seeing widespread transmissions 162 new COVID-19 cases, 2  deaths reported

Officials “may see transmission lessening,” according to Roussin, if people buy into the present and new rules and follow the essentials of mask use, hand washing, and physical separation. However, he also emphasised the importance of increasing immunisation rates.

According to the provincial vaccine dashboard, 87.2 per cent of eligible Manitobans had received at least one coronavirus vaccine dose, and 84.4 per cent had received two.

Vaccination rates, however, remain low in some Southern Health regions. For example, the immunisation percentage in the Stanley health district, which encompasses the cities of Winkler and Morden, is still only 26.3 per cent, while Winkler has a rate of 45.3 per cent. A few additional Southern Health districts have rates ranging from 54 to 58 per cent.

Current restrictions, like the use of vaccination cards, will only be eased if transmission rates fall, vaccination rates rise, and the risk of overburdening the healthcare system diminishes, according to Roussin.

“At that point, we can start slowly turning back [but] we still have that risk right now.”

When asked what degree of immunisation is required, Roussin said there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but that “definitely the higher, the better.”

Source: CBC News

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