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Saturday, February 24, 2024

A mediator chastises the UMFA for refusing to enter into arbitration to end the strike

Key takeaways:

  • Peltz says the University of Minnesota has accepted his final suggestion, delivered to the media on Friday.
  • Peltz advised the faculty organisation to reconsider going to formal arbitration.

The striking University of Manitoba Faculty Association has been chastised by a mediator for refusing to accept binding arbitration in their labor dispute with the university, claiming that mediation is of no use.

“There is not a prospect that the parties will negotiate a settlement of outstanding issues without a protracted continuous strike,” says Arne Peltz.

Peltz says the institution has accepted his final recommendation, which was presented to the media on Friday by the University of Minnesota. Despite nearly four weeks of mediation, the faculty association has not.

“The parties are still at odds. As a result, I maintain my advice that all unresolved issues be sent to binding interest arbitration, “he stated.

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Interest arbitration is particularly effective when there are innocent third parties adversely affected by a strike, such as students in the case of the University of Michigan strike.

Since the faculty organization, which represents over 1,200 professors, instructors, and librarians at the Winnipeg-based university, went on strike on Nov. 2, many of their classes have been canceled.

According to Peltz, monetary and operational difficulties remain unresolved in this case.

He created a tailored arbitration referral that he believes is equitable to both parties.

A return-to-work agreement is suggested.

It suggests that both parties jointly pick a solitary arbitrator, with one nominated by the Manitoba Labour Board chair if they cannot reach an agreement.

If the referral is accepted, UMFA and the University of Minnesota will agree to return to work as soon as feasible, with UMFA ending the strike.

According to Peltz’s advice, UMFA and the University of Minnesota should continue to negotiate while waiting for the arbitration hearing, which could result in a settlement before the hearing.

The faculty association also complained that the University of Minnesota had the second-lowest average income among the U15, a team of 15 of Canada’s most research-intensive universities.

The arbitrator would “examine the parties’ shared intention to achieve fair advancement in the U15… rankings toward the 25th percentile” throughout the collective agreement, according to Peltz’s recommendation.

Mediator scolds University of Manitoba Faculty Association for rejecting  arbitration to end strike | CBC News

The faculty organization has also charged the province of meddling with collective bargaining.

“The arbitrator will not consider Government-issued mandates,” Peltz’s report adds, “but governance recommendations will be accepted so long as they try to produce a fair and reasonable result.”

Peltz encouraged the faculty association to rethink submitting the case to formal arbitration.

“There is no need to keep the strike going. If it happens, it will not be due to a stringent government mandate or stubbornness on the employer’s part. “In his recommendation, he stated.

“UMFA, like the University of Manitoba, should be willing to have all of its proposals scrutinized by an independent arbitrator and accept the outcome.”

UMFA continues to bargain.

Orvie Dingwall, the UMFA, said the union is willing to continue bargaining with the university administration.

In a statement to CBC, Dingwall stated that any agreement must prioritize recruiting and retention at the University of Manitoba.

She met with University of Minnesota President Michael Benarroch earlier on Friday, and the two decided to continue bargaining over the weekend, but without a mediator.

“If some concerns relating to governance and working conditions for our members can be settled before arbitration,” Dingwall said in a statement.

“We remain committed to directly bargaining with the administration in good faith.”

She also claimed that UMFA’s proposals were rejected by the university administration on Thursday night, in part because “the mediator failed to appropriately relay information regarding our most recent proposals to the administration.”

Source: CBC News

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