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Saturday, February 24, 2024

A massive fire destroys a facility at the Morden Golf Course and injures others

Key takeaways:

  • A fire destroyed a restaurant and event hall at a golf course in southern Manitoba on Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning, a fire damaged a restaurant and event building at a golf club in southern Manitoba.

Morden Deputy Fire Chief Tim Reimer said his department received a report around 9:20 a.m. regarding a structure fire at the city’s Minnewasta Golf and Country Club.

According to Reimer, the fire in the massive, timber-frame structure was fully engulfed when responders arrived. Although, it took roughly 40 firefighters from Morden and the neighbouring city of Winkler to put out the fire.

According to him, the golf course’s pro shop and a garage storing golf carts next door were also significantly damaged.

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According to Geoff Kehler, the country club’s head professional, as severe as the fire was, it might have been far worse.

“I was quite pleased to see how well the firefighters did in confining the fire and preventing it from spreading. They did fantastic work, “According to Kehler, CBC News.

Local golfers will be able to resume their hobby there in the spring thanks to the firefighters, he said. There were no activities booked for the structure that burned down this winter.

Morden Mayor Brandon Burley expressed gratitude to the Winkler firemen who came to help fight the fire.

“These are the types of calls where you can see the cooperation and camaraderie in our region, and we’re grateful for their assistance,” he said.

The incident occurred barely three days after Morden received its first fire tanker. Previously, Burley stated that the city would have to rely only on crews from Winkler, which is 12 kilometers away.

“Those are minutes that are being squandered, aren’t they?” he asked.

“We’d be in a pickle if we couldn’t get water quickly enough in a fire of this size. So it’s great to see it put to use.”

Huge fire destroys building at Morden golf course, damages others

Gordon Maddock, Morden’s deputy mayor, said the facility was shuttered due to pandemic limitations and difficulty recruiting management, but he expects to see a new one built in its place.

“We’ve had our troubles with it, but we were looking forward to possibly new people coming in and running the restaurant and dining room as well,” said Maddock, who is also a course member.

“It’s a terrible loss, but maybe insurance will cover it, and we’ll be able to clean it up and begin construction on a new one.”

While the loss would cause “short-term anguish” for the city and its tourism earnings, Burley said he’s relieved the loss wasn’t more significant.

“Isn’t it true that buildings may be rebuilt?” he said.

According to Reimer, the fire department is currently waiting for a fire commissioner’s office representative to arrive and investigate what sparked the incident.

There is no damage estimate available because the inquiry has not yet begun.

Source: CBC News

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