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Saturday, February 24, 2024

A Manitoba lady awaiting hip surgery considers the health minister’s thoughts and prayers as ‘useless’

Key takeaways:

  • Marion’s pain, which she manages with Tylenol 3 up to six times a day, and she has to wait for surgery are unaffected by her thoughts and prayers.
  • According to Gordon, in its budget for the year, the province set aside $50 million to handle postponed medical treatments.

In response to Manitoba Health Minister Audrey Gordon’s offer of “thoughts and prayers” to patients whose medical procedures have been postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak, a Winnipeg woman facing a 26-month wait for hip surgery had a frank response.

Allison Marion stated, “Thoughts and prayers are useless to me.”

The 67-year-old has osteoarthritis, which causes her excruciating agony when she does simple tasks like showering or cooking.

According to health officials, it would take eight months for her to see a surgical consultant and another 18 months for her to get the procedure.

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Marion’s discomfort, for which she takes Tylenol 3 up to six times a day, and her wait for surgery are unaffected by her thoughts and prayers.

“It won’t get me on the [surgery] list any faster.” I’m not going to quit taking Tylenol because of it. It’s not going to convince me to take a long, hot shower or bath.

“I don’t sleep in my bed half of the time because it’s too uncomfortable.” “Thoughts and prayers are therefore meaningless to me,” Marion explained.

Following the announcement last week that further procedures will have to be postponed to enhance critical care capacity due to rising COVID-19 numbers, Gordon said on Monday that she sympathised with those affected by the decision.

“My thoughts and prayers are with you and any family member, friend, or relative who is having their operation or diagnostic test postponed,” Gordon stated after a Monday news conference.

COVID-19 has infected 146 Manitobans, with 31 of them in intensive care, according to a news release from the province.

Meanwhile, according to Doctors Manitoba, 130,000 individuals are waiting for operations and diagnostic treatments due to the pandemic.

According to the group, 52,000 of those are surgeries, 41,000 are diagnostic imaging treatments (such as MRIs, CAT scans, and ultrasounds), and 35,000 are other procedures such as endoscopies, mammograms, and allergy testing.

Premier Heather Stefanson vowed to form a task group to address the backlog, but Gordon said on Monday that the task force will not get started until after Stefanson’s throne speech on Nov. 23.

According to Gordon, in its budget for the year, the province set aside $50 million to handle postponed medical treatments, with some of that money going to the task group.

Manitoba woman waiting for hip surgery calls health ministers thoughts and  prayers useless.

Looking for assistance outside of Manitoba

Any improvement on the backlog will be too late for those forced to look outside of the province — and in some cases, who have paid out of pocket for treatments conducted in foreign nations.

Jennifer Agnew has a meeting with a surgeon scheduled for Dec. 6 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Agnew, like Marion, needed hip surgery and had already faced an 18-month wait before her operation was postponed.

Although she needs the operation to relieve the pain she is experiencing due to hip dysplasia, Angew feels guilty for having it done sooner than others in Manitoba.

“That I should just suck it up and wait my turn in line like everyone else,” she explained. “Everyone who is waiting for these surgeries is in the same boat.”

According to Laura Tamblyn Watts, CEO of the national advocacy group CanAge, the backlog has the greatest impact on seniors, who will face more severe consequences.

“Now is the moment for the province to take synchronised emergency action on the backlog,” she said.

In addition to the funds, the province has issued a request for proposals for service providers to assist in completing some operations and tests.

Source: CBC News

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