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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Winnipeg has a high mosquito trap count as the city starts to fog

Winnipeg's mosquito trap count is high as the city begins to fog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Residents of Winnipeg were left slapping flies on Sunday while strolling through Kildonan Park.
  • Due to a citywide average of 88 mosquitoes in each trap, the City of Winnipeg started fogging for adults on Saturday.
  • Stuart advises residents to immediately drain or cover any standing water on their premises.

Any Manitoban is familiar with the emotion.

Amy Peters, who a mosquito had bitten, yelled, “One’s trying to bite me right now!”

On Sunday, Winnipeg residents taking a stroll in Kildonan Park were left swatting insects.

Gabriel Buckberrough stated, “I’ve already been bitten five times.”

The park is where mosquitoes are most prevalent in the city.

On Sunday, 102 mosquitoes were found in Kildonan Park, down from 448 the day before, according to the city’s trap counts.

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The City of Winnipeg began fogging for adults on Saturday due to an average of 88 mosquitoes per trap over the entire city.

The statistics, according to entomologist Taz Stuart, are not shocking.

The province has a lot of areas with standing water, which is ideal for mosquito breeding.

He claimed that calls from locations outside Winnipeg had increased for his business regarding mosquitoes.

According to Stuart, “For us, we’ve been deliberately fogging little communities and fogging for a lot more events, like weddings or backyard parties, so it demonstrates that there is a pressure out there.”

Winnipeg's mosquito trap count is high as the city begins to fog.
Winnipeg’s mosquito trap count is high as the city begins to fog. Image from CBC News

According to Stuart, people should immediately remove or cover any standing water on their properties.

Stuart recommends the following advice for mosquito bites: “Avoid times mosquitoes are most active, you know, dawn and evening,” he said.

He said, “Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. It’s also necessary to use Deet or paraben products.”

This summer’s abundance of insects isn’t keeping people from enjoying the outdoors, though.

“It was wonderful to traverse the length of the park’s perimeter. Such a lovely park, I must say. A few mosquitoes are worth it, “Linda Epp spoke out, strolling around Kildonan Park.

Source: CTV News

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