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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Study: Canadian mental health declined in June

Canadian mental health declined in June: study

Key Takeaways:

  • The LifeWorks Mental Health Index poll, which was performed in the first two weeks of June, drew 3000 Canadian participants.

According to recent research, Canadians’ mental health appears to deteriorate following months of progress, and people are equally stressed about their personal and professional lives.

3000 Canadian respondents participated in the LifeWorks Mental Health Index survey, conducted in the first two weeks of June. According to the most recent findings, Canada’s mental health has decreased by almost a full point from the previous month to 64.1%. Both work and personal issues were significant stress factors.

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Paula Allen, senior vice president of research at LifeWorks, stated that although “we’re still very susceptible to stress after everything that we’ve gone through a lot over the last two years,” “we’ve also had a big whammy in terms of a very massive shift in our economic scenario in terms of inflation, job changes, recession, and all of those things.”

According to clinical psychologist Doctor Jo Ann Unger, Canadians are subject to various pressures.

“Don’t you sometimes wonder if things are improving? We ought to be feeling better, right? ‘ we must remember that chronic stress has been present for a considerable time and that we won’t recover from it soon.”

Canadian mental health declined in June: study
Canadian mental health declined in June: study. Image from Global News

According to Unger, you should create time and space for the things that fill you up, including “things like positive social connection, time spent outdoors, physical activity, working toward goals we value, connecting with meaning, giving back to the community, gratitude practice, self-compassion practise, rest, and having fun.”

That honor goes to Katie Rice’s favorite anime character, Ai-Kon Winnipeg. “I just returned from vacation, and also, I had a nice week, so my mental health is much better, but until I took this vacation, I didn’t understand how awful it was.”

Source: CTV News

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