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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Manitoba has reported 2 COVID-19 deaths, and a decrease in new hospitalizations

Manitoba reports 2 COVID-19 fatalities, decrease in new hospitalizations

Key Takeaways:

  • According to medical professionals, two more people in Manitoba who had COVID-19 died, while the number of new hospitalizations linked to the virus decreased last week.
  • The province states that as previous incidents are validated or removed from the list, the fatalities may fluctuate on a weekly basis.

According to health experts, two more Manitobans with COVID-19 have passed away, and last week saw a drop in the count of new hospitalizations associated with the virus.

52 patients were admitted to hospitals between July 10 and July 16, down from 59 the previous week, according to the province’s most recent epidemiological bulletin.

Two of the most recent hospitalizations required ICU care, the study states.

Because the province no longer provides those figures, it is unclear how many people are undergoing treatment in hospitals and intensive care units due to COVID-19.

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According to officials, fewer new cases were reported, with 171 lab-confirmed infections discovered last week compared to 229 the week before.

The positivity percentage of lab tests decreased from 14.8% the previous week to 13.9%, with an average of 276 tests done each day.

However, because the government has considerably reduced testing and the data excludes the results of tests performed at home, provincial case counts and test positivity rates may not provide an accurate picture of the rates of active infection.

Manitoba reports 2 COVID-19 fatalities, decrease in new hospitalizations
Manitoba reports 2 COVID-19 fatalities, decrease in new hospitalizations. Image from Global News

Although there were two reported deaths in the most recent week, Manitoba’s COVID-19 death toll since March 2020 increased by three from the previous week to 2,056.

According to the province, the fatalities can change weekly as old instances are verified or taken off the list.

Between July 10 and July 16, according to officials, there were no new infections at long-term care facilities, but a new epidemic was detected at Winnipeg’s Grace Hospital.

Source: CTV News

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