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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Health Canada has approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccination booster shots

Key sentence:

  • Health Canada stated it received Moderna’s application to authorise its injectable as a booster.
  • According to Health Canada, Moderna’s booster shot is half the amount of the standard vaccine.

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccination booster has been approved by Health Canada for people aged 18 and over.

On Friday, the federal health agency gave the shot, also known as Spikevax, the go-ahead.

On Oct. 6, Health Canada stated it received Moderna’s application to authorise its injectable as a booster.

“Following a thorough, independent evaluation of the data, Health Canada has found that the Spikevax COVID-19 vaccination booster shot fulfils the Department’s strict safety, effectiveness, and quality requirements,” the department stated on Friday.

Moderna’s booster shot should be taken at least six months after an individual has received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination approved by Health Canada.

According to Health Canada, Moderna’s booster shot is half the amount of the standard vaccine.

Earlier this week, Pfizer’s vaccination was approved as a booster dosage for all Canadians aged 18 and over. However, unlike Moderna, Pfizer’s booster should be given a complete dosage of the normal vaccination, according to Health Canada.

While it varies by province, some have already begun delivering booster doses to specific groups, such as adults 70 and older and front-line healthcare workers, in response to Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommendations.

“Persons in Canada should check their local public health guidance, guided by the National Advisory Committee on Vaccination, for details on which individuals or groups of persons should take a booster dose at this time,” Health Canada stated on Friday.

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Dr Howard Njoo, Canada’s deputy chief public officer of health, told reporters at a COVID-19 update on Friday that NACI is always monitoring immunity levels in the country to decide whether or not booster recommendations would be extended to further segments of the community.

“We know that there is already fading immunity in some categories, especially those with impaired immune systems,” he said in French, adding that the country’s immunological levels remain robust.

“We need to undertake a risk-benefit or cost-benefit analysis because having a third dose for everyone would be a major decision,” Njoo said.

“We don’t want to provide third doses too soon, but we also don’t want to give third doses too late… We don’t want to wait until there are too many instances among the vaccinated.”

COVID-19 booster doses are an additional shot given after full immunisation to assist people in retaining virus protection.

Health Canada has given its approval to Moderna's COVID-19 vaccination

Tam reports that new infections are up 11% from the previous week.

Dr Theresa Tam, Canada’s senior public health officer, warned reporters that the country might face “some turbulence” in new diseases.

With winter weather setting in, an average of 2,500 fresh cases were reported daily across the country last week, an 11% increase from the previous week.

“Right now, severe sickness trends are stable,” Tam added, “but we need to keep infection rates low to prevent rises.”

“Almost the last week, on average, over 1,800 persons with COVID-19 were treated in our hospitals daily, with 528 in intensive care units and 22 deaths reported.”

According to Tam, more than 28 million Canadians, or 85 per cent of the population aged 12 and up, are fully immunised against COVID-19.

However, more than 5 million eligible persons remain unvaccinated, as are 4.3 million children under 12.

Pifzer’s vaccination for children aged five to eleven are reviewed by Health Canada, with a decision likely in the next week or two.

Source: Global News

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