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Saturday, February 24, 2024

To a sceptical Hollywood, the Golden Globes will announce nominees

The Golden Globes will announce nominations

Key takeaways:

  • The Hollywood Foreign Press Association will announce the nominations for the 79th Golden Globe Awards on Monday.
  • Although NBC will not be airing its annual show, the Globes have decided to continue with the season.

On Monday, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will reveal the nominations for the 79th Golden Globe Awards. Will Hollywood, however, be concerned?

The press association, which is frequently mocked, even by its hosts, has gone from punchline to pariah this year. Following a Los Angeles Times expose detailing some of the HFPA’s unethical behavior, including the revelation that the organization’s 87 voting members did not include a single Black journalist, studios announced that they would boycott the Globes. 

More than 100 public relations firms said their clients would not attend until the HFPA implemented “profound and lasting change.” Tom Cruise even handed over his three Golden Globes to the organization’s headquarters.

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But, after nine months of reform, reorganization, and numerous promises to do better, the HFPA is doing what it does every year at this time: gathering reporters at the Beverly Hilton in the early morning to announce its film and television nominations. The announcement will begin at 9 a.m. EST and stream live on the Globes’ website.

The Globes, according to critics, aren’t quite ready to return to the limelight. This awards season, most of the film industry has kept the HFPA at arm’s length, if not completely ignored. 

The majority of studios, public relations firms, and A-list talent have refused to work with the organization, which has dropped its usual requirement that nominees be submitted this year.

Those who were nominated may not be celebrating on Monday morning. Some may even say, “Thank you, but no.”

The Golden Globes will announce nominations to a sceptical Hollywood.
The Golden Globes will announce nominations to a sceptical Hollywood. Image from Business Insider

Although NBC will not be airing its annual show, the Globes have decided not to skip the season entirely. The press association believes it has implemented the required changes. “HFPA 2.0,” said Helen Hoehne, the newly elected president. 

Since facing backlash earlier this year, the organization has hired a chief diversity officer, restructured its board, inducted 21 new members, including six Black journalists, partnered with the NAACP for five years, and edited its code of conduct.

Much of the Globes’ power has always resided in its live telecast, which is consistently one of the year’s most-watched non-sports broadcasts — though, like all award shows, its ratings have dropped sharply in recent years. The Globes are also traditionally used as a promotional tool for many award contenders that hit theatres in December.

In May, NBC, the Globes’ longtime telecaster, announced that the 2022 Globes would not be broadcast because “change of this magnitude takes time and work.”

Despite this, the Globes have set January 9 as announcing the winners. The HFPA hasn’t said anything about the type of ceremony that will take place.

Source: CTV News

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