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Monday, December 6, 2021

The new attempt to increase the number of women in Manitoba’s film industry

Key takeaways:

  • The first day of SWIFT is for women who aspire to work in the film industry in Manitoba. 
  • Film Training Manitoba is starting a new initiative to encourage more females and persons who identify as women to enter the film industry.

Film Training Manitoba is establishing a new effort to encourage more women and people who identify as women to pursue careers in the film business.

On Tuesday, the group announced that the Red River College Polytechnic’s Innovation Centre would host Canada’s first-ever Summit for Women in Film Trades (SWIFT) from January 14 to 16.

This program is part of Film Training Manitoba’s five-year plan to enhance the number of women joining and progressing in the film industry in Manitoba.

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In a news release, Allison Bile, the SWIFT programme manager, said, “Women play a key role in establishing Manitoba’s film industry, and SWIFT has been designed to supercharge our workforce by delivering innovative programming; to upscale our Province’s brilliant women film employees.”

The summit will feature all-female instructors, lecturers, and panellists, to encourage gender balance and workforce development in Manitoba’s film sector.

The first day of SWIFT is for women who aspire to work in the film industry in Manitoba. A full-day seminar on set orientation, safety awareness, and workplace respect will be offered at the event. There are 40 first-come, first-served registrations available, according to Film Training Manitoba.

The summit’s second and third days are reserved for women who work in the film industry and are members or permit holders of the Directors Guild of Canada’s Manitoba District Council, IATSE 856, and ICG 669. 

The new initiative to get more women in Manitoba's film industry

Workforce development seminars and discussions on career advancement, leading in conflict, and health and wellness will be available during this portion of the event. If there is enough space, registration for these events will be open to the general public.

“The Summit for Women in Film Trades 2022 can serve as a springboard for other initiatives to make sure that Manitoba’s film industry leaders take the next steps to ensure that our province’s diversity is reflected in the workforce and on-screen,” said Minister of Economic Development and Jobs Jon Reyes.

“Diversity is a strength, and it will assist continue to expand Manitoba’s thriving film sector, which now generates over $250 million in annual film production.”

Film Training Manitoba has also announced the availability of up to ten fully paid four-week internships, beginning in January and running for a year. Attendees on the first day of SWIFT and other underrepresented workers will be eligible to apply.

Source: CTV News

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